List of 1,216 Words That Are Iambs

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An iambic word is a word whose first syllable is short and unstressed, followed by a second, long syllable that is stressed. Here's a list of words that are iambs.
aback berlin device inverse
abaft berserk devise invest
abase beseech devoid invite
abash beset devolve invoke
abate beside devote involve
abduct besiege devour Iran
abeam besmirch devout Iraq
abed besot dictate itself
abet bespeak diffract Japan
abhor bestir diffuse Kuwait
abide bestow digest lacrosse
ablaze bestride digress Macao
abloom betide dilate macaque
aboard betimes dilute macaw
abode betray direct machine
abort betroth disburse maintain
abound bewail discard malaise
about beware discern malign
above bewilder disclose massage
abreast bewitch discount mature
abridge beyond discreet milieu
abroad Bhutan discrete molest
abrupt bidet discuss monsoon
abscond bizarre disdain morale
absolve blaspheme disease motel
absorb blockade disgrace neglect
abstain bombard disguise Nepal
abstract Bombay disgust obese
abstruse bonjour dislike obey
absurd bonsai dislodge object
abuse bouffant dismay oblige
abut bouquet dismiss oblique
abuzz bourgeois disown obscene
abyss boutique dispatch obscure
accede Brazil dispel observe
accept brigade dispense obsess
acclaim brocade disperse obstruct
accord brochure displace obtain
accost Brunei display obtuse
account buffet displease occult
accrue buffoon dispose occur
accursed burlesque disprove offend
accuse Burmese dispute offense
achieve butane disrobe Oman
acquaint caboose disrupt omit
acquire cachet dissect opaque
acquit café dissent opine
across caffeine dissolve oppose
acute cahoot distaste oppress
adapt cajole distill ordain
address campaign distinct ordeal
adduce canal distort ornate
adept cannot distract panache
adhere canoe distraught parade
adieu canteen distress parole
adjoin caprice distrust partake
adjourn careen disturb percent
adjure career disuse perform
adjust caress diverge perfume
admire carouse diverse perhaps
admit cartel divert permit
ado cartoon divest persist
adopt cascade divide persuade
adore cashier divine pertain
adorn cassette divorce Peru
adrift Cathay divulge peruse
adroit Cebú domain pervade
adsorb cement Dubai perverse
adult Ceylon duet pervert
advance chagrin duress petite
advanced chalet duvet police
adverse champagne éclair polite
advert Chanel eclipse pollute
advice charade efface portray
advise chastise effect possess
afar château effete precede
affair chateaux effuse precise
affect chauffeur eject preclude
affirm cheroot elapse predict
affix chiffon elate prefer
afflict Chinese elect prepare
afford Chinook elite prescribe
affray chorale ellipse preserve
affront cigar elope prestige
afield cliché elude presume
afire cocaine embalm pretend
aflame cocoon embank pretense
afloat coerce embark prevail
afoot cohere embed prevent
afoul cohoon emboss proceed
afraid collage embrace proclaim
afresh collapse embroil procure
again collate emend produce
against collect emerge profane
agape collide emit profess
aggrieved collude employ profound
aghast cologne enact profuse
agleam combine encamp progress
aglow combust encase project
ago command enchant prolong
agog commence enclose promote
agree commend encode pronounce
aground commit encroach propel
aha commode encrust propose
ahead commune encrypt protect
ahem commute endorse protrude
ahold compact endow provide
ahoy compare endure provoke
ajar compel enforce pursue
akin compete engage pursuit
alack compile engrave raccoon
alarm complain engross rapport
alas complaint engulf react
alert complete enhance rebirth
alight complex enjoin rebound
align comply enjoy rebuke
alike comport enlarge recall
alive compose enlist receive
allay compound enough recharge
allege compress enrage recite
allele comprise enrich reclaim
allot compute enroll recluse
allow conceal enshrine recoil
allude concede enslave recruit
allure conceit ensnare redeem
ally conceive ensnarl redo
aloft concern ensue reduce
alone concise ensure refer
along conclude entail refine
aloof concoct enthrall reflect
aloud concur enthrone reform
although concuss enthuse refrain
amass condemn entice refresh
amaze condense entrust refund
amend condole entwine refuse
amid condone equate refute
amidst confer equip regain
amiss confess erase regard
amok confide erect regime
among confine erode regress
amongst confirm erupt regret
amount conflate escape rehearse
amuck conform eschew reject
amuse confound espouse rejoice
anew confront estate relapse
annex confuse esteem relate
announce congeal estrange relax
annoy congest evade release
annul conjoin event relent
anoint conjunct evict relief
antique connect evoke relieve
apace connive evolve reload
apache connote exact rely
apart conscript exalt remain
apiece consent exam remark
aplomb conserve exceed remind
appal consign excel remorse
appalled consist except remote
appeal console exchange remove
appear consort excite rename
appease constrain exclaim renew
append constraint exclude renounce
applaud constrict excrete renown
applause construct excuse renowned
apply construe exempt repair
appoint consult exert repeal
appraise consume exhale repeat
apprise contain exhaust repel
approach contempt exhort repent
approve contend exhume replay
arcade contest exist replete
arcane contort exit reply
archaic contract expand reponse
aright contrast expanse report
arise contrite expect repose
arose contrive expel repress
around control expend reprieve
arouse contuse expense reprise
arrange convect explain reproach
array convene explode repulse
arrest converge exploit repute
arrive converse explore request
artiste convert export research
ascend convey expose resent
ascent convince expound reserve
ascribe convoy express reset
ashamed convulse expunge reside
ashore corral extend resign
aside correct extent resist
askew corrode extinct resolve
aslant corrupt extol resort
aspire corsage extort respect
assail couture extract respond
assault covert extreme response
assay create extrude restore
assent critique exude restrain
assert crochet exult restraint
assess croissant facade restrict
assign croquet fatigue result
assist crusade ferment resume
assort cuisine fillet retain
assuage curate finance retake
assume curtail finesse retard
assure debark fondue retire
astir debase forbid retract
astound debate foreclose retreat
astray debauch forego retrieve
astride debone foresee return
astute debrief forestall revamp
atone debris foretell reveal
atop debunk foretold revenge
attach debut forewarn revere
attack decade forgave reverse
attain decamp forget review
attempt decant forgive revile
attend decay forgo revise
attest decease forgone revive
attract deceit forgot revoke
attune deceive forlorn revolt
augment decide forsake revolve
august declaim forsook reward
austere declare fulfill robust
avail decline galore routine
avant decode garage salute
avenge decor gazelle sauté
averse decrease gazette secure
avert decree giraffe seduce
Aviv decry gourmet select
avoid deduce grenade shampoo
avow deduct grotesque sincere
await deface guitar subdue
awake defame harangue subject
award default harass sublime
aware defeat herself submerge
awash defect himself submerse
away defence ideal submit
awhile defend ignite subpar
awoke defense ignore subscribe
awry defer imbibe subside
baboon defile imbue subsist
babu define immense subtract
baguette deflate immerse subvert
Bahrain deflect immune succeed
ballet deform impair success
balloon defraud impale succinct
balon defrost impart succumb
bamboo defunct impeach suffice
banal defund impede suggest
banshee defuse impinge superb
baptize defy implant supply
baroque degrade implode support
barrage degree implore suppose
basalt dehorn imply suppress
bassoon deject import supreme
Bataan delay impose surmise
baton delete impress surmount
bazaar delight imprint surpass
becalm delude improve surprise
because deluxe impulse surround
become demand impure survey
befall demark inane survive
befell demean incite suspect
befit demise incline suspend
befog demote include suspense
before demure increase sustain
befoul denote incur taboo
befriend denounce indeed tattoo
began deny induce terrain
begat depart indulge today
beget depend inept tonight
begin depict inert toward
begrudge deplete infect transcend
beguile deplore infer transcribe
begun deploy infest transfer
behalf deport inflame transform
behave depose inflate translate
behead deprave inflict transmit
beheld depress inform transplant
behest deprive infringe transport
behind derail infuse traverse
behoove derange ingest tycoon
behove deride inhale Ukraine
bejewel descend inject unclean
belay descent innate unclear
belie describe inquire undo
belief deserve insane undress
believe design inscribe unease
belike desire insert unfair
belittle despair insist unfold
Belize despatch inspect unique
belong despise install unknown
beloved despite instead unless
below despond instill unlike
bemoan dessert instruct until
bemuse destroy insult untold
beneath destruct insure unveil
Bengal detach intact unwind
benign detain intend upon
bequeath detect intense valet
bequest deter intent veneer
berate detest intrigue within
bereave dethrone intrude without
bereft detract invade withstand
beret Detroit invent yourself