List of 472 Words That Are Both Nouns and Verbs

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There are many words in the English language that are both nouns and verbs. Find out from our list what they are. List of words that are objects and action words.
access dump mail shelter
ache dust make shock
act dye man shop
address echo march show
aim email mark sign
alert end match signal
answer escape mate silence
arrest escort matter sin
attack esteem mean sip
attribute estimate measure skate
auction exchange milk sketch
back excuse mind ski
bail exhibit mine slice
balance experience miss slide
balloon eye mistake slip
ban face moor smell
bandage fall move smile
bank favor mug smirk
bare fax nail smoke
bargain fear name snack
battle feel need snow
beam fight nest sound
bear file notch span
beat fill note spot
bend film notice spray
benefit finish number sprout
blame fish object squash
blast fix offer stain
bleach flap oil stamp
block flash order stand
bloom float pack star
blow flood pad start
board floss paddle state
bomb flow paint steer
bother flower park step
bounce fly part sting
bow fold pass stop
box fool paste store
bread force pat storm
break form pause stress
breed frame pay strip
broadcast freeze pedal stroke
brush frown peel struggle
bump function pelt study
burn garden permit stuff
buy gaze phone stunt
cake gel photograph subject
call glue pick suit
camp grate pine supply
care grease place support
catch grill plan surf
cause grimace plane surprise
challenge grin plant suspect
change grip play swap
chant guarantee plow swing
charge guard plug swivel
cheat guess point tack
check guide poke talk
cheer hammer pop taste
chip hand post tear
claim handle practice tease
clip harm praise telephone
cloud harness present test
clue hate proceed thought
coach head process thunder
color heap produce tick
comb heat progress tie
combat help project time
comfort hide promise tip
conduct highlight protest tire
conflict hike pull toast
contest hit pump touch
contract hold punch tour
contrast hop push tow
control hope question trace
cook hose quilt track
coop hug quiz trade
copy humor race train
cost hunt rain transport
count hurry raise trap
cover ice rant travel
crack impact rate treat
crash inch reach trick
crate increase reason trim
credit influence rebel trust
crush insult record tug
cure interest refill turn
curl iron refund twist
curve itch reign type
cut jail reject upstage
cycle jam rent use
dam joke repair vacuum
damage judge repeat value
dance jump reply visit
deal keep report voice
decay kick request vote
decrease kiss rhyme wake
delay knit ring walk
delight knock riot waltz
demand knot risk watch
design label rock water
dial land roll wave
die last row wear
dislike laugh ruin whip
display lead rule whisper
dive leap run whistle
divorce level sail wick
dock license sand wink
double lie saw wire
doubt lift scare wish
drain light scratch work
draw limit screw worry
dream link search wrap
dress load season wreck
drill loan sense X-ray
drink lock shampoo yawn
drive look shape yield
duck love share zone