List of 96 Words That Are Sounds

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Want to add color to your descriptions involving sounds? Here's a list of words that are sounds. Use them in your daily conversations and writing.
achoo cha-ching gurgle splash
aha chatter honk squirt
ahem ching-a-ling hum squish
ahoy ching jingle swish
argh chirp kaboom swoosh
aroo chomp knock tap
aw choo choo meow thud
baa chortle moo thump
babble clang mumble thwip
babbling clank murmur tick-tock
badaboom clap neigh tick
badum tish clatter oink toot
bam click oom-pah tweet
bang clink pew-pew ululation
bark cluck ping vroom
bawl cock-a-doodle-doo plop vworp
bazinga cough pop wah-wah
beep ding purr warble
blab ding dong quack wham
bloop dribble rat-a-tat whirr
boom drip screech whisper
bray drizzle sizzle whizz
buzz flip-flop slap whoosh
ca-chunk giggle slosh zap