List of 220 Words That Are the Same in English and Spanish

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As both languages have Latin roots, it is no surprise that English and Spanish share many same words. Here's a list of words that are the same in English and Spanish.
actor enigma judicial post
admirable error kilo pretension
agenda excursion lateral probable
alcohol experimental legal propaganda
altar explosion liberal protector
animal expulsion literal provincial
area extension local pub
artificial exterior macho punk
auto factor maestro radical
balance familiar mango radio
bar fatal mania region
barman federal manual regional
base festival marginal regular
Bloody Mary final marketing religion
blues flexible material reunion
brutal formal matrimonial revision
cable frontal medieval ritual
canal fundamental mediocre rugby
cancer funk melon rural
canon gala mental secular
capital gas menu sentimental
carbon general metal serial
carton genesis miserable sexual
central global moral similar
cerebral golf mortal simple
chat grave motel singular
cheque habitual motor social
chocolate hacker multiple solar
circular heavy municipal solo
civil hippy musical spinning
club hobby natural subversion
collar hockey noble superficial
colonial hooligan normal superior
coma horizontal nostalgia surf
combustion horror opera taxi
conclusion hospital oral television
conductor hotel oriental terrible
confusion idea original terror
considerable ideal overbooking total
control imperial panorama triple
cordial implacable particular tropical
criminal incursion pasta union
crisis individual pastor universal
cultural industrial patio usual
debate inevitable peculiar verbal
decision inferior penal version
diagonal informal perfume vertical
dimension inseparable personal violin
director inspector peseta visible
division interminable piano visual
doctor internet piercing vital
drama invasion plaza vulgar
editorial invisible plural vulnerable
electoral irregular pop webcam
email jazz popular zapping