List of 72 Words That Are the Same in the Singular and Plural Forms

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Knowing the plural forms of English words is not always a straightforward process. Here's a list of words that are the same in their singular and plural forms.
aircraft eyeglasses mews sheep
alms gallows monkfish shellfish
barracks goldfish moose shorts
binoculars grapefruit mullet shrimp
bison greenfly offspring smithereens
bourgeois grouse pants spacecraft
breadfruit haddock passion fruit species
cattle halibut patois squid
chalk headquarters pliers staff
chassis hovercraft police starfruit
chinos ides précis swine
cod insignia premises tongs
corps jackfruit pyjamas trousers
crossroads jeans reindeer trout
deer kennels rendezvous tuna
dice knickers salmon tweezers
dungarees leggings scissors wheat
elk means series you