List of 328 Words That Came From Shakespeare

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Want to find examples of English words from the Bard's classic plays? Take a look at this list of such terms. In this collection of terms you'll find English words that came from Shakespeare.
academe fairyland marketable savage
accessible fanged militarist savagery
accommodation far-off mimic schoolboy
addiction fashionable misgiving scrubbed
admirable fashionmonger misplaced scuffle
aerial fat-witted misquote seamy
airless fathomless mockable self-abuse
amazement featureless monumental shipwrecked
anchovy fiendlike moonbeam shooting star
apostrophe fishify mortifying shudder
arch-villain fitful motionless silliness
arouse fixture mountaineer slugabed
assassination flowery multitudinous softhearted
auspicious fly-bitten neglect spectacled
bandit footfall negotiate spilth
barefaced foppish never-ending spleenful
baseless foregone newsmonger sportive
batty fortune-teller nimble-footed squabble
beachy foulmouthed noiseless stealthy
bedabble freezing obscene stillborn
bedroom fretful ode submerge
belongings frugal offenseful successful
besmirch full-grown offenseless suffocating
bethump fullhearted operate supervise
birthplace futurity oppugnancy suspicious
bloodstained gallantry outbreak tanling
bloodsucking generous outdare tardiness
bloody gentlefolk outscold time-honored
blusterer gloomy outsell tortive
braggartism glow outtalk traditional
brisky gnarled outweigh tranquil
bump go-between overblown transcendence
buzzer gravel-blind overcredulous unaccommodated
castigate green-eyed overgrowth unappeased
catlike gust overpay unaware
changeful half-blooded overpower unchanging
characterless heartsore overrate unclaimed
cheap hint overview uncomfortable
circumstantial hobnail pageantry uncurl
clangor homely palmy undervalue
cold-blooded honey-tongued passado undress
coldhearted hornbook paternal undress
compact hostile pebbled unearthly
comply hot-blooded pedant uneducated
compromise howl pedantical unfool
consanguineous hunchbacked pendulous unfrequented
countless hurly perplex ungoverned
courtship hurry perusal ungrown
critic idle-headed pignut unhelpful
critical ill-tempered pious unhidden
cruelhearted ill-used plumpy unlicensed
dauntless impartial posture unmitigated
dawn impede premeditated unmusical
defeat imploratory priceless unpolluted
denote import profitless unpublished
depositary inauspicious protester unquestionable
dexterously indirection published unquestioned
disgraceful indistinguishable quarrelsome unreal
dishearten inducement radiance unrivaled
dislocate informal rascally unscarred
distasteful investment rawboned unscratched
distrustful invitation reclusive unsolicited
domineering invulnerable refractory unsullied
downstairs jaded reinforcement unswayed
dwindle juiced reliance untutored
educate lackluster remorseless unvarnished
embrace ladybird reprieve unwillingness
employer lament resolve upstairs
employment lapse restoration useful
enfranchisement laughable restraint useless
engagement leaky retirement valueless
enmesh leapfrog revokement varied
enrapt lewdster revolting varletry
enthrone loggerhead reword vasty
epileptic lonely roadway vulnerable
equivocal lustihood roguery watchdog
eventful lustrous rose-cheeked well-behaved
excitement madcap rose-lipped well-bred
expedience madwoman rumination well-educated
expertness majestic ruttish well-read
exposure malignancy sanctimonious widen
eyewink manager satisfying zany