List of 45 Words That Came From the Internet

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Seeking English words that came from the Internet? Here's a handy list of relevant terms. Here you'll find words that became a part of the language during the information age.
adorbs Abbreviation of "adorable."
AMA Abbreviation of "ask me anything."
brb Abbreviation of "be right back."
btw Abbreviation of "by the way."
bump To add a comment to a forum topic in order to move it up the list of topics.
derp An interjection indicating stupidity.
DM (direct message) A private message sent by one user to another on social media.
epic fail An especially embarrassing or notable failure or act of incompetence.
facepalm A gesture where the palm of one's hand is placed on one's face to show frustration at someone else's obtuseness
FAQ Abbreviation of "frequently asked questions."
FOMO Abbreviation of "fear of missing out."
g2g Abbreviation of "got to go."
GIF A lossless file format for static images or brief animations.
handle A username; a nickname used on a website as one's public identity.
hashtag A word or phrase preceded by a hash and typed without spaces, used on social media to identify a specific topic or cause.
I can’t even A phrase used to indicate speechlessness.
IMHO Abbreviation of "in my humble opinion."
inbox An electronic folder for receiving emails or messages; to send someone an email or direct message.
IRL Abbreviation of "in real life."
just sayin’ A phrase placed at the end of a sentence to try and mitigate a rude or offensive statement.
lag A delay in response due to a slow device or bad connection.
lmk Abbreviation of "let me know."
LOL Abbreviation of "laughing out loud."
lurker A person who frequently visits a forum or comment section without making comments.
meme An amusing image or video clip that is shared between internet users, often with different captions or in differing contexts.
noob A newbie; an inexperienced person.
NSFW Abbreviation of "not safe for work."
OMG Abbreviation of "oh my God."
phablet A large smartphone or small tablet.
photobomb To spoil a photograph by appearing in it univited.
RT (retweet) To share another Twitter user's post with one's own followers.
selfie A self-taken photograph of oneself.
sext To send a sexually explicit message or image by cell phone.
spam An unwanted commercial email.
srsly Abbreviation of "seriously."
TBH Abbreviation of "to be honest."
TL;DR Abbreviation of "too long; didn't read."
totes Abbreviation of "totally."
trending (Of a topic) currently popular, with a lot of people talking about it on social media.
troll To post or comment in a deliberately offensive manner in order to provoke angry responses; a person who takes pleasure in causing offense and starting arguments online.
tweet A post on Twitter.
unfriend To remove an individual from one's social media contacts.
unlike To withdraw a "like" from a social media post.
well played Interjection equivalent to "congratulations" or "touché."
woot Interjection of enthusiasm or excitement.