List of 18 Words That Came From the Vikings

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The English language contains vocabulary from all over the world. In search of words with specific etymological roots? Try this list of words that came from the Vikings.
Word Origin
aloft From Old Norse ā lopt, meaning "in the air."
From Old Norse berserkr, which is a combination of ber ("bear") and serkr ("shirt").
From Old Norse blunda or Norwegian dialect blundra, meaning to close one's eyes.
cake From the Old Norse word kaka.
elf From the Old Norse word alfr.
freckle From the Old Norse word freknōttr.
From Old Norse hūsbōndi, hūs meaning "house" and bōndi meaning "holder."
knife From the Old Norse word knīfr.
From Old Norse rannsaka, meaning to search (saka) a house (rann).
scale From the Old Norse word skāl.
slaughter From the Old Norse word slātra.
steak From Old Norse steik, meaning "to roast."
From Old Norse thōrsdagr. The word means "Thor's Day," named after the Norse god of thunder.
The word means "demon" or "giant" in Old Norse.
ugly From the Old Norse word uggligr.
Viking From Old Norse vīkingr.
window From the Old Norse word vindauga.
yule From Old Norse jōl or Old English geōl.