List of 380 Words That Sound Beautiful

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In search of words that have an appealing or charming pronunciation? See this handy list of words that sound beautiful. You'll be sure to find the vocabulary you need here.
abundance A plentiful amount of something.
ad infinitum For infinitity; eternally.
admirable Deserving of admiration.
adoration Profound love; worship.
aesthete A person who appreciates beauty; an art lover.
affable Friendly; easy to talk to.
agility The ability to move and react quickly.
ailurophile A lover of cats.
alacrity Swift readiness.
alluring Seductive; possessing a mysterious attraction.
aloha A Hawaiian word of greeting or parting.
altruism Selflessness; preoccupation with others' well-being.
amaranthine Immortal or permanent.
amiable Friendly; outgoing.
amorous Relating to sexual desire.
amorphous Shapeless; without a definite form.
ancient Very old; from the distant past.
angelic Extremely good, kind, or innocent.
angst A feeling of extreme anxiety or dread.
apotheosis The apex of the development of something; fulfillment or climax.
ascension The act of climbing or rising to a higher level.
assemblage A gathering of many people or things.
astonishing Amazing; very surprising.
astounding Causing astonishment; impressive and surprising.
astral Of or related to stars.
atrament An extremely dark substance, usually a liquid.
audacious Very bold; risky and unexpected.
aurora An electrical phenomenon causing the appearance of reddish or greenish light in the sky.
awe Reverence; respect and fear or wonder.
axiom A self-evident statement often used as the basis for a philosophical theory.
beatify To consecrate.
beauteous Alternative of beatiful, often found in literature or poetry.
becoming Suitable or flattering to a person's appearance.
beguile To charm or capivate, sometimes with intent to deceive.
belonging An affinity or a sense that one belongs in a situation.
beloved Greatly loved.
benefactor A giver of help, usually financial, to a person or cause.
benevolence Kindness; the quality of being one who gives.
blazing Burning intensely.
blessing A thing that is beneficial for well-being.
bliss Absolute happiness.
blossom Flowers on a tree or bush; to produce flowers.
bodacious Remarkable, impressive, or attractive.
breathtaking So impressive as to take the breath away.
breeziness Liveliness; the quality of being fresh and animated.
brilliance Strong brightness of light.
brisk Lively; quick.
bubbly Of high spirits; cheerful.
bucolic Related to a pastoral idyll.
bungalow A single-storey detached house.
buoyancy The quality of being able to float in water or air.
calcination The process of heating something to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point, causing chemical alterations.
caliginous Dim, dark, difficult to perceive.
calm Not showing or feeling strong emotions.
candor Openness and honesty; frankness.
caprice A whim or sudden change of mood.
carpe diem A Latin phrase meaning "seize the day."
cascade A small waterfall, often divided into sections.
cashmere Valuable fine wool, originally from the Kashmir goat.
catharsis The process of releasing and relieving repressed emotions.
celerity Swiftness of movement.
centered Serene; untroubled.
champion One who fights on behalf of another.
charisma The ability to inspire devotion.
charm The ability to allure, give delight, or inspire admiration.
chatoyant Showing a band of bright reflected light (of a gem).
cheerful In good spirits; optimistic.
cherish To hold something dear.
chrysalis A state of transition.
cinnamon A spice made from the bark of a Southeast Asian tree.
clarity The quality of being logical and comprehensible.
classy Stylish; having superior standards of conduct.
clinomania An obsession with resting or remaining in bed.
coalesce To come together to form a single mass.
comely Attractive, good-looking.
compassion Concern for the suffering of others.
conflate To combine two concepts or texts into one.
consciousness The state of being awake and alert to one's surroundings.
contentment A happy, satisfied state.
coruscate To flash or sparkle with light.
creativity The use of the imagination and innovation.
crepuscular Related to twilight.
crepuscule Twilight.
crystalline Made from crystals or having the structure of a crystal.
cuddle To hug tightly with love or affection.
cynosure The center of attention or appreciation.
dalliance A casual relationship, of a sexual or romantic nature.
dandy A man extremely devoted to style and fashion.
dapper Appearing neat and stylish.
darkling Becoming dark or marked by darkness.
dauntless Resilient; not intimidated by setbacks.
dazzling So bright as to blind temporarily.
debonair Confident, charming, and stylish.
delicate Very fine in structure; of intricate workmanship.
delicious Extremely tasty.
delightful Provoking delight.
demesne Land controlled by a manor and kept for the owner's own use.
demure Reserved, self-effacing, and shy.
denouement The climax of a play, movie, or narrative, in which the plot is resolved.
desirable Worthy of being desired; provoking desire.
desuetude A state of neglect.
desultory Lacking purpose or enthusiasm.
devotion Loyalty to or passion for a person, activity, or cause.
diaphanous Fine and delicate, often of a fabric.
discombobulate To unsettle or confound someone.
dissemble To hide one's true motives.
divinity The quality of being divine.
doting Adoring, affectionate, loving.
dreamy Having a pleasantly unreal quality, as if in a dream.
dulcet Pleasant and calming, especially of a sound.
dystopian Of an imagined society of extreme injustice and suffering.
earnest Sincere, serious-minded.
ebullience The quality of being joyful and energetic; exuberance.
ecstasy A feeling of utter happiness or intense excitement.
effervescent Having an appealingly lively manner.
efflorescence A state or period of blossoming.
effortless Not requiring exertion.
elation Extreme joy and exhilaration.
elegance The quality of being stylish and graceful.
elegant Graceful and stylish.
elision The exclusion of a sound or syllable from a spoken word.
elixir An alchemical potion.
eloquence Fluent speaking or persuasive writing.
embrocation A liquid that is rubbed on the body to alleviate pain.
emollient Soothing or softening to the skin.
emulate To equal or surpass by imitation.
enamored Filled with love for, or obsessed with, someone or something.
enchanted Fascinated or bewitched.
enraptured Experiencing great delight or joy.
enthralled Captivated; fascinated.
ephemeral Fleeting or brief.
epiphany A sudden comprehension or insight.
equanimity Mental composure in the face of difficulties.
equilibrium A state of balance between opposing forces.
erstwhile Previous, of times past.
eternity A limitless or unending time.
ethereal So delicate and light as to be ghostly.
etiquette The code of acceptable behavior in a particular group.
euphoria Intense joy and excitement.
evanescent Vanishing swiftly; transitory.
evocative Provoking strong images, ideas, or feelings.
exonerate To absolve from blame.
exquisite Very beautiful; delicate and finely wrought.
exuberant Lively; in high spirits.
fabulous Extremely good; extraordinary.
faithful Loyal in allegiance; steadfast.
fascination The state of being fascinated.
feasible Possible to do; achievable.
feisty Spirited; showing a lively combativeness.
felicity The state of being happy; a happy event or piece of good fortune.
festive Celebratory and joyful; related to a celebration.
fetching Attractive or appealing.
fidelity Faithfulness, constancy.
filament A slender, flexible thread or fiber.
flawless Without flaws; perfect.
flourish To develop in a healthy way, often due to a positive environment.
flowing Draping loosely and gracefully, often of a garment or fabric.
forbearance Tolerance, patience.
fortitude Strength in adversity.
friendship The state of being a friend.
fugacious Fleeting, having a tendency to disappear.
fulfilling Giving happiness or satisfaction.
furtive Attempting to hide or avoid attention; secretive.
gambol To jump about playfully.
gargantuan Extremely large.
giddy Dizzy; overexcited.
ginger A hot, fragrant spice used in hot sauces and desserts.
glamour An attractive or fascinating quality.
gloaming Twilight, nightfall.
glorious Possessing glory; having great splendor.
goddess A female god; an adored woman.
gorgeous Extremely beautiful and attractive.
gossamer Very light and delicate; insubstantial.
graceful The quality of having grace or elegance.
halcyon Denoting a period of time characterized by great success and happiness.
handsome Good-looking, often in a masculine fashion.
harbinger Something that is a forerunner of a future event.
harmony The quality of forming a consistent and agreeable whole; congruence.
heartfelt Deeply and strongly felt; a sincere feeling or expression.
heartwarming Uplifting, cheering; inspiring feelings of sympathy.
heavenly Delighful; suggesting heaven.
hilarity Extreme merriment.
hiraeth A longing for an unreachable home.
holiness The state of being holy or divine.
hopefulness The state of having hope.
humility Modesty; humbleness.
idyllic An idealized time or place.
illumination The state of being illuminated or enlightened.
illustrious Highly respected and admired due to significant achievements.
imbrication An overlapping of edges, often of tiles or scales.
imbroglio A misunderstanding or confusing situation.
imbue To endow or permeate with a feeling or quality.
incandescence The state of emitting intense light.
incipient In an early stage; starting to develop.
ineffable Too profound to be expressed; indescribable.
ingenue An innocent or naive young woman, often in a play or film.
inglenook A space beside a large fireplace.
insouciance Casual unconcern; indifference.
intrepid Daring, adventurous.
inure To become accustomed or immune to something.
invincible Undefeatable; impossible to overcome.
iridescent Producing a dazzling display of colors.
jaunty Having a lively, confident manner.
jocular Fond of joking; in a humorous manner.
jovial Humorous, cheerful, and friendly.
joyous Cause for joy; joyful.
jubilant Celebratory; expressing triumph.
judicious Having or showing good judgment.
juvenescent Being or becoming youthful.
kindred With shared ancestry; of a similar character.
kissable Inviting to be kissed.
labyrinthine Confused and twisting, like a maze or labyrinth.
lagniappe A bonus or extra gift, usually given along with a purchase.
lagoon An area of salt water separated from the sea.
languid Displaying disinclination for effort; relaxed.
languor A pleasant feeling or state of tiredness or inertia.
lassitude A state of lacking energy.
leisure Time without work or duties.
lilting Characterized by a lilt or rhythmic cadence.
lissome Flexible or supple.
lithe Flexible, thin, and graceful.
lovable Inspiring love.
love Strong affection, attachment, or devotion.
lullaby Music designed to cause sleep.
luminescence Emission of light by a non-heated substance.
luminous Emitting a bright light.
luxury Extreme comfort and abundance.
magnificent Impressive; marked by grandeur.
marvelous Provoking wonder; amazing.
mellifluous Pleasing to hear; musical.
mellow Pleasant; without harshness.
mindfulness Awareness; a state of being focused on the moment.
minutiae Small or unimportant details.
miraculous Seemingly impossible or extremely fortunate.
moiety One of two equal parts of a whole.
mondegreen A word or phrase originating from a mishearing of song lyrics.
murmurous Quiet and indistinct.
nadir The lowest point of something.
nebulous Vague or poorly defined.
nefarious Wicked or evil.
nemesis An avenger; an archenemy.
nourishment Food; nutrition.
nurture To foster growth or development.
nyctophilia Attraction to darkness or night.
oblivion The state of unawareness or unconsciousness.
omnipotent All-powerful.
onomatopoeia The formation of a word from a sound associated with its object.
optimistic Hopeful for the future.
opulence Great wealth or luxury.
opulent Extremely luxurious or lavish.
pacify To calm anger, agitation, or excitement.
palimpsest Writing material on which the original writing is erased to make room for later writing.
panacea A remedy for all ills.
panoply An impressive array of things.
paradise A place or state of bliss or perfect happiness.
paradox A seemingly self-contradictory statement that may nevertheless be true.
passion Strong feeling or emotion.
pastiche An artistic work that imitates the style of another.
peace A state of freedom from disturbances or conflict.
pernicious Harmful, often in an insidious or subtle way.
persevering Persistent in carrying out a purpose.
perspicacious Perceptive or insightful.
petrichor A pleasant, earthy smell associated with rainfall.
phenomenal Incredible; extraordinary.
phoenix A mythological bird that is reborn from its own ashes.
phosphenes A perception of light that occurs without light entering the eye.
photophobic Having an extreme sensitivity or aversion to light.
piquancy The quality of having a stimulating and agreeable flavor.
plethora A large amount of something.
precious Of great value.
prevarication Deviation from the truth.
pristine Perfectly clean, as if new.
propinquity Proximity to someone or something.
prosperity Wealth; a state of being prosperous.
quaint Charmingly parochial or old-fashioned.
quickening Entering a period of active growth and development
quiescent In a state of repose or dormancy.
quietude Stillness, calmness, and quiet.
quintessential The most perfect or typical example of something.
radiant Emitting light, shining, or glowing.
rapturous Feeling or expressing extreme joy or enthusiasm.
ratatouille A vegetable stew.
ravel To disentangle or unravel.
ravishing Delightful or attractive.
redolent Highly reminiscent of something.
rejuvenate To make something look or feel younger or newer.
relent To become less harsh, often through pity.
renaissance Renewal; the period of cultural revival that followed the Medieval era.
rendezvous A meeting at a previously agreed time and place.
repose A state or position of rest.
resilience The abiliity to shrug off difficulties; toughness.
resplendent Attractive and impressive; characterized by splendor.
revelation A dramatic insight or discovery.
reverence Profound respect or esteem.
reverie The state of being lost in pleasant thoughts.
rhapsodic Powerfully emotional.
righteousness The quality of being morally correct.
riparian Of or on a riverbank.
ripple A small wave on the surface of water.
romance A feeling of passion associated with love.
sacred Of religious significance; deserving veneration.
salve Something that is soothing or consoling.
sanguine Serene or optimistic; relating to blood.
sapphire A precious stone, usually a transparent blue.
savor To fully appreciate something, usually by dwelling on it.
scintilla A trace or spark of something.
sempiternal Never-ending or unchanging.
sequoia A giant Californian redwood tree.
seraglio A large harem, often serving royalty.
serendipity The chance occurrence of positive events.
serenity The state of being calm and composed.
silhouette The dark shape and outline of a figure or object.
silky Made from or with a similar texture to silk.
simplicity The quality or condition of being uncomplicated.
solitude The state of being alone.
somber Dark, gloomy, or solemn.
somnambulism A sleep condition in which walking and other motor acts are performed.
sonorous Deep and full-sounding.
soulmate A person perfectly suited to another as a life partner.
spacious Possessing a large amount of space.
spellbound Completely fascinated as though by magic.
spherical Having the shape of a sphere.
splendid Extremely impressive.
sprightliness Marked by lightness of spirit and vivacity.
statuesque Attractively tall, often of a woman.
stygian Sullen, or gloomy in mood.
sublime Of great merit, grandeur, or beauty, inspiring awe.
succulent (Of food) tender, juicy, and delicious.
summery Typical of or appropriate for summer.
sumptuous Rich, luxurious.
supine Lying on one's back.
surreptitious Done in a stealthy way; clandestine.
susurrous Filled with sounds of whispering.
symphony A harmonious composition of different elements.
talisman A lucky object.
tenacity The quality of being able to hold onto something; persistence.
tender Showing care or gentle emotions.
tenebrous Shadowy or obscure; hard to understand.
tintinnabulation A ringing sound.
tolerance The quality of being willing to tolerate.
tranquility Calmness; the quality or state of being tranquil.
transfiguration A profound change of form or appearance, often in a spiritual sense.
triumph A great victory or accomplishment.
tryst An assignation between lovers.
umbrella A device held above the head as protection against rain.
unabashed Unembarrassed; not showing shame.
unflappable Not disconcerted by adverse events.
unification The process of being united.
unique One of a kind; without equal.
varnish Resin dissolved in liquid used to protect surfaces.
veneration Great respect or awe.
verity The quality or state of being true.
vestigial Forming a tiny remnant of something that was once much bigger.
vibrant Vigorous and enthusiastic.
victorious Having achieved victory.
virtuous One with high standards of moral conduct.
vitality The state of being lively and energetic.
vitriolic Filled with harsh criticism or bitterness.
vortex A mass of rotating liquid or gas, as in a whirlpool or whirlwind.
vulnerable Open to attack or harm.
waft To move or cause to move through air.
wanderlust An intense desire for travel.
warmhearted Sympathetic and generous.
wherewithal The means required for a specific purpose.
wholesome Promoting or suggesting health and well-being.
willow A type of tree that grows in temperate climates.
woebegone Showing deep sorrow or sadness.
wondrous Inspiring wonder or delight; extraordinary.
worship The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration, usually religous.
Xanadu An idealized, idyllic place.
xylophone A musical instrument with wooden bars that are struck by mallets.
yearling An animal that is approximately one year old.
yearn To long for something that one has lost.
yesteryear Last year or time gone by, often nostalgically recalled.
zealous Having or showing fervor or enthusiasm.
zenith The high point of something; when it is most powerful or successful.
zephyr A gentle wind.
zestful Characterized by great relish and gusto.
zinfandel A wine grape variety usually grown in California.
zither A stringed musical instrument used in central European folk music.