List of 124 Words That Sound Creepy

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You might be trying to find English words that are disturbing or frightening. Need something specific? Take a look at this useful list of words that sound creepy.
abominable decomposing haunting séance
afraid demon heinous shadow
agonizing demonic hellish shudder
alarming detestable horrendous sinister
appalling devilish horrible skeleton
apparition disgusting horrid skull
beastly disquieting horrific sorcery
bloodcurdling disturbing horrified specter
bloodsucker dreaded horrifying spectral
bloody dreadful horror-stricken spell
bogeyman eerie Kafkaesque spider
bones evil lurid spine-chilling
cackle exorcism lurking spine-tingling
cadaver fangs macabre spirit
casket fearful mausoleum spooky
cemetery freakish monster terrified
chainsaw frightening monstrous terror
charnel frightful morbid terrorized
chilling ghastly mummified threatening
cobweb ghost mummy tomb
coffin ghostlike necromancy trembling
corpse ghostly nightmarish uncanny
crematorium ghoul occult undead
crone ghoulish ominous unearthly
cruel gore paranormal vampire
crypt graveyard petrifying voodoo
cursed grisly phantom weeping
dangerous gruesome poltergeist wicked
dark hag possessed witchcraft
deathlike hair-raising satanic wraith
decapitated haunted scream zombie