List of 72 Words That Sound Epic

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Searching for words that sound epic? This handy list of relevant examples will help you. In this collection, you'll find English terms that sound impressive or exciting.
amazement extraordinary luminescence resplendent
anacreontic extravagant luxurious sabotage
apocalyptic exuberant magnificent sanctimonious
bizarre formidable majestic sensational
blasphemy geotectonic marvelous serendipity
celestial glorious melancholy serpentine
clandestine grandiose mercurial sinister
colossal heavenly monstrosity splendid
cosmic heroic monumental splendiferous
dastardly idiosyncratic nefarious statuesque
diabolical illustrious opulence striking
divine imperial ostentation stupendous
dystopian inferno picturesque tectonic
effervescent infinitesimal precautionary terrific
equilibrium kaleidoscope prodigious totalitarian
esoteric lamentation quintessential tremendous
exemplum languishment rambunctious ubiquitous
exquisite legendary remarkable wondrous