List of 21 Words That Sound Fake

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Want to find words that sound like they're not real, but are? Have a look at this handy list of words that sound fake. You'll be sure to find the vocabulary you need here.
abear To endure or tolerate something.
abibliophobia The fear of having nothing to read.
agog Extremely eager or excited.
asynchronous Not simultaneous.
bumfuzzle To confuse or perplex.
catawampus Askew or awry.
collywobbles An unpleasant feeling in the stomach; a stomachache.
crapulent Of or related to consuming alcohol or drunkenness.
epistemology The philosophical study of knowledge.
fascism An extreme form of right-wing nationalism.
flabbergasted Amazed and surprised.
friendlily In a friendly way.
juxtaposition The act of placing things next to each other for contrast.
leviathan Something extremely massive or formidable.
macaronic Combining two languages in speech, e.g., Spanglish or Portunhol.
oxter Armpit.
spaghettification In astrophysics, the process of compressing an object into long, thin shapes, usually near a black hole.
taradiddle One who exaggerates or talks nonsense.
unputdownable Impossible to be set aside, usually of a book.
wabbit Exhausted (Scottish).
widdershins Counterclockwise.