List of 25 Words That Sound Old-Fashioned

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Need to find words that sound like they come from a different age? Take a look at this handy list of words that sound old-fashioned. You'll be sure to find the vocabulary you need here.
brabble To quarrel about trivial matters.
cuss To curse or swear.
dapper Neat and stylish in a formal or upper-class manner.
deliciate To take pleasure or luxuriate.
deosculate To kiss affectionately.
dungarees Denim pants; jeans.
├ęclaircissement Clarification; explanation.
facinorous Extremely bad or wicked.
floppy disk A computer file storage device used in the 1980s and 1990s, now obsolete.
fortnight Two weeks.
freck Eager; quick.
grody Disgusting; gross.
groovy Excellent or cool.
icebox An insulated box used for keeping things cold.
jargogle To confuse or mix up.
jollux A portly or fat individual.
kench To laugh heartily.
ludibrious Ridiculous; mocking.
pocketbook A small book or bag used to hold coins or banknotes.
smitten Deeply in love or infatuated.
stewardess A female flight attendant.
supper An evening meal; dinner.
tape To record or duplicate video or audio.
whippersnapper An overconfident youngster.
xerox To make a photocopy.