List of 240 Words That Sound Ominous

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Seeking English language words with an menacing or foreboding tone? See this list of relevant examples. In this collection, you'll find words that sound ominous.
adverse doomful jitters signal
afear doomy jittery silence
afraid downbeat knell silhouette
alarming dread lonely sinister
anticipation dreadful lonesome sinistrous
apocalypse drear looming somber
apocalyptic dreary macabre sombrous
appalling dreich malign sorrowful
apparition dystopian malignant specter
augur eerie melancholy spooked
augural evil menace spooky
awful fatal menacing squally
bad fateful miasma star-crossed
baleful fearful minacious stare
bleak fearsome minatory startling
bodeful fog miserable stillness
boding forbidden morbid stirring
calamitous forbidding morose storm
caliginosity forebode murky strange
cautionary foreboding mysterious struck
cheerless foreshadowing mystery sullen
chill forlorn nefarious sunless
chilling formidable nightmare superstition
Cimmerian frightening nightmarish surly
complication frightful noose symbol
consequence ghastful omen symptom
crack ghastly ominate tenebrific
crash ghostly oppressive tenebrous
creak ghoulish Orwellian terrible
creaking gloom overgloom terrifying
creepy gloomy pall threat
cry glum peril threaten
cryptic grave perilous threatening
dark gray pernicious thud
darkening grim portent thump
darkly grisly portentous thunder
darkness growl premonition thundercloud
daunting gruesome premonitory thunderhead
deathwatch harbinger presage thunderous
demonic harmful presentiment thundery
depressing haunting prognosis tragic
desolate hellhound prophecy troubled
devilish hiss prophetic troublesome
dim hopeless rattle troubling
dire horrendous repercussion twisted
direful horrible roar ugly
disastrous horrific rumble undercurrent
discomforting horrifying rumbling uneasy
disconcerting ill saturnine unfortunate
disconsolate ill-boding scaremongering unlucky
discordant ill-fated scary unnerving
discouraging ill-starred seemingly unpleasant
disheartening illness selcouth unpropitious
dismal impending sematic unsettling
dismayful inauspicious serious wailful
disquieting incongruous severe warning
distressing inescapable shadow whisper
disturbing infaust shadowy worrisome
dolorous insidious shocking worrying
doom jarring sign wretched