List of 64 Words to Which You Add 'es' to Make Plural

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Searching for words that you add -es to make plural? See this handy list of relevant terms. Here you'll find a collection of English terms with that irregular pluralization.
Singular Plural
address addresses
batch batches
beach beaches
boss bosses
box boxes
branch branches
brush brushes
bus buses
buzz buzzes
catch catches
church churches
clash clashes
class classes
clutch clutches
coach coaches
complex complexes
cross crosses
crush crushes
dish dishes
dress dresses
eyelash eyelashes
finish finishes
fish fishes
flash flashes
fox foxes
gas gases
gash gashes
glass glasses
hoax hoaxes
inch inches
itch itches
kiss kisses
lens lenses
march marches
marsh marshes
mass masses
match matches
minus minuses
pass passes
patch patches
peach peaches
pitch pitches
plus pluses
potato potatoes
prefix prefixes
prospectus prospectuses
rash rashes
sash sashes
six sixes
slash slashes
speech speeches
splash splashes
splotch splotches
stash stashes
suffix suffixes
tax taxes
thrush  thrushes
tomato tomatoes
varnish varnishes
virus viruses
volcano volcanoes
wash washes
watch watches
wish wishes