List of 121 Words in Which You Drop the 'y' and Add 'ies' to Make Plural

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In search of words that you drop the Y and add -ies to make plural? Have a look at this handy list of relevant terms. Here you'll find a collection of English terms with that irregular pluralization.
Singular Plural
ability abilities
activity activities
agency agencies
amenity amenities
army armies
autobiography autobiographies
autopsy autopsies
baby babies
bakery bakeries
balcony balconies
battery batteries
belly bellies
berry berries
biography biographies
body bodies
boundary boundaries
bribery briberies
bully bullies
bunny bunnies
bureaucracy bureaucracies
canary canaries
cavity cavities
city cities
colony colonies
copy copies
country countries
diary diaries
dictionary dictionaries
discovery discoveries
duty duties
economy economies
eighty eighties
embassy embassies
emergency emergencies
enemy enemies
facility facilities
factory factories
faculty faculties
fairy fairies
family families
felony felonies
fifty fifties
fishery fisheries
fly flies
formality formalities
forty forties
galaxy galaxies
gallery galleries
glossary glossaries
grocery groceries
heresy heresies
hierarchy hierarchies
history histories
hobby hobbies
humanity humanities
hypocrisy hypocrisies
identity identities
ideology ideologies
impurity impurities
industry industries
injury injuries
inquiry inquiries
jelly jellies
laboratory laboratories
lady ladies
liberty liberties
library libraries
lorry lorries
luxury luxuries
melody melodies
memory memories
methodology methodologies
ministry ministries
nanny nannies
nationality nationalities
necessity necessities
ninety nineties
nursery nurseries
obscurity obscurities
opportunity opportunities
oratory oratories
pantry pantries
party parties
pastry pastries
penalty penalties
penny pennies
pony ponies
poppy poppies
possibility possibilities
probability probabilities
prophecy prophecies
puppy puppies
quantity quantities
quarry quarries
query queries
reality realities
repository repositories
robbery robberies
rosary rosaries
sanctity sanctities
secretary secretaries
seventy seventies
sixty sixties
sky skies
soliloquy soliloquies
spy spies
story stories
study studies
supply supplies
surgery surgeries
tally tallies
theory theories
thirty thirties
tragedy tragedies
trophy trophies
try tries
twenty twenties
university universities
vacancy vacancies
variety varieties
worry worries