List of 104 Words to Describe People's Relationships

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Searching for terms that describe how people feel about each other? This handy list of words to describe people's relationships will help. You'll find the vocabulary you need here.
affable eternal negative solid
affectionate faithful nice special
amiable forgiving official spiritual
amicable formal ongoing stable
awkward friendly peculiar stale
beautiful functional personal steadfast
believable funny positive strained
caring happy present strong
casual harmonious professional successful
clear healthy proper sweet
close heartfelt prospective symbiotic
complex heartwarming real sympathetic
complicated hierarchical reciprocal tactful
considerate honest reliable tangled
consistent humorous respectable temporary
contractual impersonal responsible therapeutic
cooperative international right thoughtful
cordial intimate romantic toxic
deep kind scandalous true
definite lasting selfish uncomplicated
dependent lifelong selfless unequaled
distant loving sensible unique
dynamic loyal sexual vile
easygoing marital significant warm
emotional meaningful simple wonderful
empathetic mutual sincere wretched