List of 60 Words to Use Instead of "But"

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In a world of contradictions, we have many reasons to say "but". However, you can make your sentences more interesting by replacing "but" with another word.
albeit even if in spite of that save
all the same even so in the face of that still
alternatively except in the meantime still and all
although except for inversely that being said
apart from except that just the same that having been said
aside from excepting nevertheless that notwithstanding
at the same time excepting that nonetheless that said
au contraire excluding notwithstanding then again
bar for all that on the contrary this being said
be that as it may having said that on the one hand...on the other hand though
besides howbeit on the other side of the coin whereas
by contrast however only while
contrariwise in any case other than whilst
conversely in any event per contra with that said
despite that in contrast regardless yet