List of 92 Words or Phrases You Shouldn't Use in an Essay

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Trying to improve your academic writing? Take a look at this list of words you shouldn't use in an essay. If you find one of these words in your essay, you should probably remove it.
about/around different kinds general public most unique
absolutely due to good mutual cooperation
actual during the course of grown in size needless to say
actually dwindle down here’s the thing never before
add(s) an additional each and every I might add new innovation
all things being equal end result in my opinion new invention
all throughout equal to one another in order to now pending
alternative choice etc. in spite of the fact originally created
and etc. exact same in terms of past experience
as a matter of fact fellow classmate in the event that polar opposites
as far as I’m concerned fellow colleague integrate with each other quite
ask the question filled to capacity introduce the new really
assemble together final outcome it goes without saying reason why
at the present time first and foremost it seems like refer back
bad first conceived join together so forth
blend together first of all joint collaboration so on
careful scrutiny for the most part kind of sort of
close proximity for the purpose of knowledgeable expert stuff
completely eradicate foreign imports may possibly time and time again
connect together former graduate merge together totally
current trend fuse together might possibly try to figure out
decrease in strength future plans mix together very
depreciate in value gather together more or less when it comes to