Writing as an Entrepreneur: Why It’s Worth It to Have a Book Under Your Belt

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As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Why not do both? Writing a book is a fantastic way to tell your story, establish yourself as an expert, and promote your brand and business. If your book ranks on Amazon Kindle even for a day, you can be introduced at conferences as a bestselling author without stretching the truth. You can succeed at authordom, no writing degree required. How? That’s where the miracle of ghostwriting comes in. Check out our top-quality CEO ghostwriting services if you need help telling your story. 

How can authoring a book benefit you?

You, the established expert

You are an authority on your subject—this is the message you send when you write a book. Just having the tagline “author of” can open the door to interviews, panels, and public speaking events because it marks you as a credible source. Welcome to your new status as a thought leader! If you’re hosting a workshop or participating in a panel, having published titles to your name positions you as an authority on the subject. Your book can also be a boon for your company—it can convert readers into customers, make you, the CEO, seem more approachable and likable, and drive up sales. These events are all opportunities to forge connections, develop your brand, and explore new prospects. 

Your book establishes your credibility. Anything you say on your subject will instantly be more credible because you literally wrote a book about it. You can now cite yourself when talking about your subject—what a flex!

Do your research—you’re not writing the next Da Vinci Code. Just like any scholar, you must provide evidence and references to back up your statements. Even though you can cite your book once you publish it, you have to make sure you’re citing other experts within it. Make sure you include relevant facts (such as background, history, and your own experience) and back up your assertions with well-researched and credible third-party materials. Ensure these are reliable and original sources (Google Scholar, Wolfram Alpha, etc.), not dubious ones like Wikipedia or similar sites, which are commonly considered untrustworthy.  

Your reward for all this fieldwork is a well-researched, deftly crafted book that makes you a credible expert and sets you apart from the pack. Research can be tedious, but it’s worth it to produce an authoritative book that bears the fruits you’re hoping for. If there’s stiff competition or many rival organizations in your field, your book can give you an advantage and distinguish you from the crowd. 

Your story in print

You have a story to tell. What path led you to where you are now? How did you start your company? What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced? Not everyone is important enough to write a book, so let your customers, prospects, suppliers, and others know how you’ve gotten to where you are. Your book is like your house, a personal space for you to tell your story the way you want. Make it funny, make it intriguing, make it authentic. Make it yours. Let your readers get to know you. If you’re working with a ghostwriter, you may worry that your story won’t be told in your authentic voice. Fear not: It’s the ghostwriter’s job to do exactly that. Your ghostwriter emulates your tone, style, and voice on the page, and if you’re not happy with something, all you have to do is communicate that.

You get the media’s attention

Your readership isn’t limited to a book signing. Your book and story create more possibilities for media coverage. You will stand out to journalists and others when they choose who to interview or call on as an expert. In addition, you have your own firepower—when you reach out to the media, you can note that you’re the author of a book on the subject. This also helps with press releases, mentions in news publications, and links to your work. Essentially, your book functions like a door to countless new opportunities.

Plus, having a copy of your book is an instant conversation starter, a souvenir, and a calling card all in one. Bring some with you to your office, networking events, conferences, and, if you’re feeling cheeky, the dentist’s waiting room. It can spark a conversation and give you the chance to share why you wrote the book, talk more about the subject, and explain what makes you an expert on it. Signed copies make great mementos and gifts. 

Your book as a centerpiece

A book can provide an anchor for other parts of your business. You can create courses to teach others the skills you wrote about and develop guides, supporting materials, and videos. Your book can also serve as a basis for social media content. It gives you the credibility to recommend products or create your own, as well as collaborate with others. You can teach your subject matter at universities or speak about it at networking events. Podcasts and similar media will be more interested in having you as a guest speaker, allowing you to talk up your book and your brand. It all comes back to your book, and when you promote it, it promotes you. With so many platforms, having a centerpiece is important to keep them linked. 

Brass tacks 

Another attractive aspect of writing a book is that it may cost you far less than you expect due to the possible tax deductions. Check with an accountant first, but most of the money spent on writing and publishing a book could be considered business expenses, which could allow you to recoup a significant amount of the money invested in your literary project. Some of the likely deductions are expenses related to travel, research, marketing, writing software, illustrations, proofreading, and ghostwriting. 

So, what can a book do for you?

It's doubtful that your book on Instagram marketing will make you the next J.K. Rowling in terms of copies sold. When you factor in the investment costs, book sales will seem small. This isn’t to discourage, merely to put things into perspective. Make sure your expectations are realistic. However, the benefits of writing a book go far beyond a listing on Amazon. Even though your book will not likely turn a profit by itself, it will stand as a representation of your brand, expertise, and story. It can raise your profile and boost your company’s reputation in ways you might not even imagine.

If you want the best version of your book but don’t have the time or inclination to write hundreds of pages, consider a ghostwriter. Check out our CEO ghostwriting services for an enlightening look into the possibilities for crafting your story. 

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