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  • 2 Ways Error-Free Content Improves Search Engine Optimization

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    When it comes to search engine optimization, producing quality, original, relevant content for your website and blog is essential. Your content has a big impact on user experience, which in turn directly affects how search engines will assess and rank your site.

    As a website manager or marketer, you invest extensive effort brainstorming, analyzing keywords, and composing exceptional content for your site—but if you aren’t also reviewing your work for spelling, grammar, and typos, your ranking will suffer.

    Publishing content riddled with errors can harm your credibility just as much as dull, lifeless content can. Although Google has said it doesn’t consider spelling and grammar directly when determining rankings, clean content is important for search engine optimization for two primary reasons:

    1. Error-free content creates a good user experience.

    When ranking sites, Google considers one factor above all others: the quality of user experience. If you ask your readers to struggle through content with confusing grammar, sloppy spelling, and distracting typos, they’ll likely click away to another site—and you can be sure Google will take note of this and adjust your ranking accordingly.

    2. Error-free content builds credibility.

    Spelling and grammar mistakes are indications that you haven’t taken the time to ensure the accuracy of your content. Alternatively, an expertly written site shows that you value your readers’ time and trust. Once you’ve established yourself as a credible authority, viewers will link back to your site and give your ranking a big boost.

    Though often overlooked, spelling and grammar are key components to the success of your websites, profiles, articles, and blogs. Publish quality content and your website traffic and search engine ranking will soar.

    Of course, producing flawless content isn’t easy. Not only does proofreading take valuable time from your busy schedule, it can be difficult to spot errors in work you’ve become familiar with. That’s why we encourage businesses to seek assistance from professional proofreaders with the time, experience, and knowledge to polish your copy so it shines.

    The team of highly qualified proofreaders at can help. To give your website a boost up the search engine ladder, contact us and get a quote today.

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