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  • 5 Ways Translation Enhances Content Marketing and SEO

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    As a business owner, you’ve invested extensive time, energy, and resources into optimizing your site for English speakers—but what about the millions of non-English speakers both in the US and throughout the world?

    If your company website and blog are only in English, you’re missing out on massive marketing opportunities and larger audiences across the globe. When you produce a site, article, video, infographic, or quiz in multiple languages, you multiply your potential to reach global consumers and earn backlinks.

    Whether or not you have plans to expand internationally, your business can benefit greatly from repackaging its existing content in several languages. Below, we’ve listed five ways translation will enhance content marketing and SEO for your company.

    1. International audience exposure

    Repackaging your content through quality translation will put your business in front of new audiences around the world. Visitors are more likely to become loyal customers if your site is available in their own languages. According to recent research from the Common Sense Advisory, a customer is far more likely to make a purchase when content is available in his or her native tongue: More than 70 percent of international consumers report that having access to information in their own languages is more important than cost when making a decision to buy.

    2. International search engine optimization

    Effectively translated content will boost your ranking on international search engines. Because there is typically less competition on foreign language search engines, it’s much easier to rank highly. Translated content earns links, boosts traffic, and ultimately strengthens your global exposure.

    3. Link building

    Similarly, by producing original, relevant, engaging content, you’ll win backlinks from quality international sources if you translate that content into their languages. Build a solid portfolio of backlinks, and your site will soar up search engine rankings.

    4. Keyword association

    When search engines begin to notice foreign language keywords on your site, they’ll associate your site with those terms and include your content in searches conducted in other languages, as well.

    5. International relationships

    When you translate your relevant and meaningful content into other languages, you attract attention from international journalists, bloggers, and social media managers. You can extend your reach and gain valuable exposure by building relationships with authorities who will help spread your content across international markets.

    Make the most of your investment and unlock the incredible potential of global audiences by translating your content into multiple languages. To purchase quality translation for your site, blog, or other online marketing materials, get in touch with our team of expert translators today.

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