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The Balkans is an up-and-coming region of Eastern Europe that’s been experiencing promising economic growth in recent years. Firmly situated in the Balkans, Albania and its roughly three million people are also on their way up, making this the ideal time to jump into the Albanian market. At the same time, flourishing Albanian companies are looking to expand operations internationally, furthering the economic growth of the coastal Balkan nation. Here at, we work with clients on both sides of the English–Albanian language barrier, translating English materials into Albanian to engage readers in Albania as well as translating Albanian texts into English to capture the attention of an international audience.

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While Albania only has a population of roughly three million, around 7.5 million people speak Albanian, owing to the swaths of Albanian speakers in Kosovo and North Macedonia. Large populations of Albanian speakers can also be found in North and South America. The language finds its roots in the Indo-European language family, just like English, French, and German, but out on the Albanic language branch, it has no close relatives, making it a unique language. Therefore, the specialized expertise of Albanian translation professionals is a must.

Youth in Albanian-speaking regions are quickly enhancing their competency in English, but Albanian remains the primary language of the region, and most Albanian speakers are still more comfortable in their mother tongue. That means two things for those interested in Albanian translation services: professional translation into Albanian is important to effectively convey messages to Albanian speakers, and professional translation of Albanian documents into English is necessary to fully transport the nuances of the Albanian text into English.

Our Albanian translation experts provide translation services both ways—from Albanian to English and from English to Albanian. If you’re looking for high-quality Albanian translation services, we’re your go-to agency.

Check Out Some Examples of the Documents We Translate to and from Albanian:

  • Business materials. Whether you’re looking to break into the Albanian market or are an Albanian company working to expand operations to the outside world, our Albanian translators can help you prepare optimal materials for your expansion. From business plans, reports, and corporate websites to product labels and packaging instructions, we can cover your business translation needs.
  • Academic works. We also offer Albanian translation services for academic purposes, whether your project is a journal article, research paper, or something else. We can take your Albanian papers and prepare them for release to an international audience, spreading your ideas far and wide. Or we can take your English material and localize it for an audience in Albania, Kosovo, or North Macedonia, applying all the appropriate academic conventions for these regions.
  • Legal documents. If you require Albanian translation services for legal matters with government agencies or companies, just turn to us. We can translate employment agreements and wills and trusts into Albanian or financial statements and real estate documentation from Albanian to English. Our team is familiar with the precise legal terminology in both Albanian and English, making us well suited for your legal translation projects to and from Albanian.

Calling all Albanian translation clients in Tirana, Durrës, Prizren, Pristina, Istanbul, and beyond— is your best option for high-quality Albanian translation services. Our services are available 24/7 and are customizable to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for translation to or from Albanian, we’re here to help you expand your audience.

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