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Basque could be considered the most unique indigenous language in Europe. Unrelated to the Indo-European languages that dominate most of the continent, Basque is a language isolate, meaning it has no known relatives. The Basque Country, where it’s spoken, is shared between northern Spain and southern France, but many inhabitants of the region prefer Basque. This means it’s important to hire professional Basque translators if you’re looking to reach an audience in the region. Meanwhile, Basque speakers looking to capture a worldwide audience should have their content translated into English, not Spanish or French, by a professional translation agency for the best results.

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We’re Basque Translation Experts

Basques are a proud people, and use of the Basque language in Basque Country is extensive, particularly in certain areas. About 25% of the Basque population in the Basque Country speaks the language, with more than 90% of speakers concentrated in the Spanish portion. Many Basques see the language as a crucial part of their culture and identity, and the language has enjoyed a revitalization movement in recent decades.

Unlike most languages in Europe, Basque is an ergative–absolutive language, which means it marks the subject and not the object of a transitive verb. The language features a case system more extensive than most European languages and inflects heavily, which can make it a difficult language to learn or translate. Fortunately, the translation team at is up for the challenge, having delivered top-quality Basque translation services for years.

We’re Proud to Translate the Following (and More) to and from Basque:

  • Tourism documents. More and more travelers have been visiting the Basque Country, so it’s important for Basque tourism agencies to prepare ample materials in English, the de facto lingua franca of the world. From websites to travel brochures to advertisements, our translators are happy to translate touristic content from Basque.
  • Business documents. The Basque Country is a thriving region, and it could be a worthwhile market for businesses to tap into. Of course, though, a business can only get so far in the Basque Country with Spanish or French. Our translators can help you translate your corporate website and blog, promotional materials, and more into Basque to elicit the people’s respect.
  • Historical documents. Basque has a rich history that includes a number of historical documents that have yet to be translated into English. Our Basque translation team stands ready to help academics, researchers, and governments uncover the secrets of historical Basque documents through careful translation.
  • General documents. Our team is proud to provide translations to and from Basque for just about any type of content. We can translate your technical manuals, medical documents, and literary works from Basque, or we can transform your website, financial records, or games into natural-sounding Basque.

Our Basque translation team is here to serve the people of Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and anywhere else, whether they require a translation into the unique Basque language or from Basque into English. Our Basque translation services always come with the guarantee of unwavering accuracy and prompt delivery, with the deadline defined by you. For expertly tailored Basque translation, you can count on us.

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