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Halfway between the UK and Iceland, in the northern Atlantic Ocean, lie the Faroe Islands, a self-governed constituent country of Denmark. Though technically a part of Denmark, the Faroe Islands have their own language, culture, and history, and they’re proud of it. The Faroe Islands are a highly developed society with a strong and growing economy, and if you want to jump into this market, you’ll need to cater to the Faroese-speaking population appropriately with professional Faroese translation services.

Here at ProofreadingServices.com, we see value in minority languages like Faroese and have put together a Faroese translation team, even when many other translation agencies have preferred to deal with larger languages. Though many Faroese speakers also know Danish, English, and sometimes German, they still prefer their native language, the language of their culturally unique island chain. So, anyone expanding into the Faroe Islands would do well to invest in the Faroese language. Similarly, Faroese speakers branching outward should hire professional Faroese translators to ensure smooth communication with the wider world.

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Translating Faroese Brings Unique Challenges

Faroese is an Indo-European language like English, but its complicated grammar and Germanic vocabulary are largely foreign to English speakers. Faroese’s closest relative is Icelandic, a language that has hardly changed since Viking times, and both retain complicated grammatical features that most Germanic languages have lost.

Faroese makes heavy use of inflection, with three grammatical genders and four cases. Like in the Scandinavian languages, Faroese’s definite article is attached to the noun as a suffix, even though the indefinite article precedes the noun phrase as a grammatical particle. The rules governing Faroese inflection are complex, with both nouns and adjectives declining for gender, case, and number in one of two patterns: strong or weak. The strong versus weak distinction carries over to verbs as well, making verbal inflection confusing and complicated.

It’s clear that translating a language as complicated as Faroese is no easy task. When you hire highly experienced professionals like our Faroese translators, however, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a top-quality Faroese translation—whether to or from Faroese.

Our Faroese Translation Offering Is Available to Almost Anyone

Our Faroese translation team is passionate about helping businesses and individuals from all walks of life break the language barrier between Faroese and English. Here are a few of the types of clients we serve:

  • Companies and business professionals. The Faroe Islands represent a budding and relatively untapped market and an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to expand to a new territory. But expanding into the Faroe Islands also means expanding into the Faroese language—whether it’s your business plan, employment contract, advertisements, or website copy. Of course, if you’re a Faroese business moving outward, the same applies to translation into English. In either case, our Faroese translators are eager to assist.
  • Authors, poets, and other writers. Faroese tales should be known the world over. Firm in this belief, our Faroese translators are passionate about helping authors and writers from the Faroe Islands prepare for global success by translating their stories into English. Our translators also work with foreign writers who want to cater to a new market in the Faroe Islands. The Faroese-speaking population can be a lucrative market to target for your book, short story, or other tale.
  • Bloggers, software designers, and game developers. The Internet is vast—but unfortunately, the amount of Faroese-language digital content isn’t. Faroese speakers yearn for content in their native language, whether it’s blogs, e-commerce websites, games, or software, and our Faroese translators can help creators access this market. Translating your digital content into Faroese is an excellent way to stand out in this untapped but lucrative area.

Our Faroese translators are on standby to assist anyone who needs their services, whether they’re in Tórshavn, Klaksvík, Fuglafjørður, or Tvøroyri. We work with all types of Faroese translation projects, so don’t hesitate to reach out with yours. We accommodate our clients’ special requests to ensure the best possible Faroese translation that meets their unique needs.

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