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Iceland is a country like no other. With lush yet rugged landscapes filled with beautiful purple lupins and a unique Germanic language largely unchanged from the days of ancient Vikings, Iceland is a unique country—and it’s a great choice for international expansion, whether you’re a business, an academic, or a creative content producer.

At the same time, Icelanders frequently seek to take their business ventures, academic discoveries, and creative content outside of Iceland to capture the attention of international readers. At, our Icelandic translation team is dedicated to assisting with both. Though many Icelanders do speak English, they offer loyalty to businesses, scholars, and writers who invest in their unique language—indeed, it shows a proper commitment to your Icelandic expansion. It’s also important for Icelanders eying the overseas market to engage professional Icelandic translators, as amateur translation can introduce mistakes and inaccuracies.

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Trust Us for All Your Icelandic Translation Needs

Icelandic is a Germanic language like English, German, and Swedish, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for English speakers. Icelandic retains much of the grammatical inflection most other Germanic languages have lost over the centuries, with three genders and four cases. In this way, Icelandic much more strongly resembles the Beowulf-era Old English than Modern English.

Icelandic adjectives inflect to express gender, number, and case, with strong and weak declensions further complicating matters. The word order is generally subject-verb-object, like in English, but this can vary as long as the verb remains in the second position—alterations create different nuances that translators must be careful to consider. A strong linguistic purity movement also underpins Icelandic, with Icelanders coining their own native terms for commonly borrowed words like “computer.” Altogether, Icelandic is an ancient and tricky language, but our Icelandic translators are here to help you with all your translation needs.

Our Icelandic Translation Services Cover a Large Scope

  • Business translation. Iceland is a highly economically developed country with a high potential for international expansion—this includes both foreign companies setting up shop on the island and Icelandic businesses moving to other lands. In either case, professional Icelandic translation services are necessary to thrive, and our business Icelandic translators can provide them for press releases, business plans, product labels, and more.
  • Academic translation. Are you an Icelandic researcher with aspirations of international acclaim? You won’t get there with Icelandic-language papers or amateur translations—trust our team of academic Icelandic translators for a reliable and accurate translation of your Icelandic research. Of course, if you’re from outside of Iceland and looking to conduct research with Icelandic subjects, we can also translate your questionnaire into Icelandic.
  • Digital translation. Iceland has an extremely high Internet penetration rate—nearly all Icelanders use the Internet. Nonetheless, online content in Icelandic is almost nonexistent—Icelanders are forced to browse content in English or other major languages. We can translate online content like websites, databases, software programs, and games into Icelandic, helping Icelanders access native-language materials and helping you stand out.

Ready to dive into Icelandic translation services? We’re ready to help you, whether you’re in Reykjavik, Kópavogur, Mosfellsbaer, Akureyri, Hafnarfjӧðrur, Garðabaer, or anywhere else. Our translation services cover a wide range of needs—business, academic, literary, personal, and more—and are available 24/7. If you have an urgent deadline, we can work quickly—without sacrificing quality—to ensure timely delivery. Quality is what you get when you order Icelandic translation services from us.

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