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Sweden boasts the largest economy in the Nordic region, which is famous for its wealth and high quality of life. Sweden consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world, with opportunities for Swedes abounding. Some of these opportunities include the chance to take Swedish businesses to the international stage and succeed like IKEA has.

At the same time, Sweden is a popular destination for foreign companies to set up operations in Northern Europe. What’s important when expanding in either direction is communicating smoothly and naturally with your new customer base—and that’s what ProofreadingServices.com’s Swedish translation team can assist with. Though many Swedes can speak English, they’re still more comfortable in their native language, and if they wish to craft natural-sounding translations, they should rely on the expertise of professional Swedish translators.

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Swedish Translations You Can Rely On

Swedish is one of the closest languages in the world to English. But that doesn’t mean Swedish is easy—not by a long shot. While English and Swedish may have the same roots, much of English’s vocabulary is now Latinate, not Germanic, whereas Swedish has largely retained its Germanic lexicon. Swedish doesn’t use cases, which facilitates understanding for English speakers, but it does use gender, albeit perhaps to a lesser extent than many other European languages.

Swedish verbs and word order are perhaps among the most complicated features of the Scandinavian language. As in German, Norwegian, and Icelandic, Swedish verbs must always come in the second position of a clause—unless it’s a subordinate clause, in which case adverbs precede the verb. Like English, Swedish features phrasal verbs, but in Swedish, they always stick together. In English, phrasal verbs are always split when pronouns are used, so this feature is difficult for English speakers to get used to.

While Swedish presents various challenges to translators, our Swedish translators are bona fide experts. If you’re looking for the top in Swedish translation talent, look to our team, who can expertly accommodate any special requests you may have.

Swedish Translation Services That Cover Nearly Any Document

  • Company documents. We’re proud to lead a business Swedish translation team capable of high-quality, reliable translations to and from Swedish for any sort of business material. If you’re setting up your company in Sweden, let us transform your product packaging, web copy, and press releases into natural-sounding Swedish. If you’re taking your business to the international market, our Swedish translators can translate your business plan, employment contracts, and financial reports into flowing English.
  • Research materials. With a number of prestigious universities dotting the country, Sweden produces its fair share of scholars. But Swedish academics can hardly expect to share their knowledge with the world in Swedish, and attempting amateur translation can result in embarrassing mistakes or misleading inaccuracies. Our Swedish translators can help Swedish scholars represent their work professionally and accurately on the world stage. We can also help researchers from elsewhere better connect with Swedish colleagues or undertake research in Sweden through academic Swedish translation.
  • Creative content. Whether it’s a novel, collection of short stories, poem, play, movie, video game, or any other form of art, our Swedish translators would love to help you share it. Translating your Swedish-language work into English makes it accessible to people around the world, maximizing the number of people you can reach. In contrast, localizing your content into Swedish helps bring a more relatable and enjoyable version of your work to the people of Sweden. Our translators are available to help with both.

Where are you in Sweden? Stockholm, Uppsala, Örebro, Gothenburg, Västerås, Malmö, Linköping, or Sollentuna? Or maybe you’re not even in Sweden. No matter your location, our Swedish translators are passionate about helping you communicate with a new audience. We work with projects of all natures on all sorts of timelines—you define the deadline.

If you’re ready to get started, all you have to do is message us today, and we can discuss the details of your Swedish translation project.

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