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Are you searching for world-class editing for your legal document?

Look no further than, where obtaining top-quality English proofreading and editing services online for academic legal documents and law review articles is simple and convenient. We understand that excellent writing is of unparalleled importance when you’re seeking to advance your professional or academic legal career, and that conformity to your field’s designated style guide can boost your credibility by helping you communicate clearly. If you’re working on a legal document or law school paper, don’t waste time flipping between those cobalt blue covers or fretting about the readability of your writing. Our Bluebook style editing service is available online, making it an accessible resource for legal writers and law students around the world who need help to make their work stand out.

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Note: Our Bluebook editing team is, understandably, smaller than our team at large. As such, we recommend (1) contacting us ahead of time to schedule the editing of your document and (2) selecting the slowest turnaround time on our website (seven days).

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In short, we’re the best Bluebook proofreading and editing service available online, and we’re sure that we can help you fine-tune both your writing and your citations. Writers around the world have turned to us for Bluebook editing, including Harvard Law professors and many LLM students, as well as these authors (whose names we’ve changed for anonymity):

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Our proofreaders and editors have considerable writing, editing, and proofreading experience and are British, Irish, American, Australian, and Canadian English speakers. Our hiring process includes an exhausting battery of difficult tests, and our standards are so exacting that only one in 300 editors who applies to work with us is accepted to join the team.

We stay informed about style guide changes, including annual updates to The Bluebook, so we’re here for you when you need help to ensure that your writing is concise and your Bluebook citations are correctly formatted. That’s not all we can do for you, however; your academic and business documents, resumes, fiction compositions, and other work can also benefit from our know-how. We’re well versed in an assortment of style guides and we support a variety of clients in their writing ambitions.

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If you’re still on the fence, perhaps you’d like to submit a document for us to edit as a sample. People from all over the world–from Denver to Detroit to Dubai–have requested free 300-word samples. Do the same to find out how our editing and proofreading services can refine your work.

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Important Notes:

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  • Bluebook editing is a specialized area of editing. Only a small subset of our team has this skill set. As such, we recommend you contact our team to confirm availability before ordering.