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Officially, Haiti is bilingual, and French has traditionally been used as the language of education and politics. However, the tides are turning, and Haitian Creole is increasingly gaining use in official and educational contexts. Around 40% of the population speaks French, but Haiti is also home to many monolingual Haitian Creole speakers. And though most of the vocabulary in Haitian Creole is derived from French, the languages are by no means mutually intelligible.

This means that if you’re trying to engage a Haitian audience, French isn’t going to be sufficient. To truly connect with Haitian customers or readers, a Haitian Creole translation is necessary—and here at ProofreadingServices.com, that’s precisely what we offer. Our Haitian Creole translators are seasoned experts and can produce translations from English to Haitian Creole or from Haitian Creole to English—whatever you need.

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The Best in Haitian Creole Translation Services

With an estimated 9.6 million native speakers, Haitian Creole (often just called Kreyòl in Haiti) is the world’s largest creole in terms of native speakers. While heavily associated with French, and indeed borrowing most of its lexicon from French, Haitian Creole uses a structure more similar to the Kwa and Bantu languages of West Africa, particularly Fon. Haitian Creole also contains vocabulary derived from Portuguese and Taíno, the language of the indigenous inhabitants of Haiti.

French speakers can’t understand Haitian Creole—the African grammar and structure throw them off. For the same reason, monolingual Haitian Creole speakers can’t understand French, either. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, our Haitian Creole translation team is dedicated to serving Haitians in their native language, whether that means translating content into Haitian Creole or helping Haitians spread their own content worldwide. For either direction, you can count on our Haitian Creole translation experts.

Haitian Creole Translations for Any Type of Document

  • Tourism documents. Looking to entice tourists to the Caribbean territory of Haiti? Though Haiti doesn’t attract as many tourists as the neighboring Dominican Republic, more and more tourists are looking to Haiti for their beach getaway. For professionally translated tourism collateral, look to our Haitian Creole translation team.
  • Literary documents. Whether you’re a Haitian author or a content creator hoping to spread your message to the people of Haiti, our literary Haitian Creole translation services have you covered. We can translate books, short stories, plays, movies, games, and more to or from Haitian Creole.
  • Web content. Haiti may not have an overly high Internet penetration rate, but it is rapidly growing, and it’s a good idea to publish your Haitian Creole web content in anticipation. With little Haitian Creole web content available, yours will stand out. At the same time, we can also translate Haitian Creole content into English to reach the whole world through the Internet.
  • Promotional documents. Want to sell your products and services in Haiti? To attract customers, you’ll have to speak to them in their own language—Haitian Creole. Our team can craft top-quality Haitian Creole translations of packaging, brochures, advertisements, and more. Of course, our translators can also help Haitian businesses expand their sphere of influence to outside Haiti.

Haitian Creole translation services are our passion. We’re proud to serve clients from all over Haiti and the world, from Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien, and Port-de-Paix to Miami, Bangkok, and Stockholm. If you have a deadline looming, we’ll be sure to prioritize your Haitian Creole translation project, accommodating your specific needs to craft the Haitian Creole translation you want. We’re your go-to service for Haitian Creole translation.

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