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West Africa exhibits extreme linguistic diversity, with Nigeria being home to more than 500 different languages. Since national borders were drawn up by colonial powers with little regard for the different people groups of the region, language groups also commonly stretch beyond country limits. Such is the case with Hausa, estimated to be spoken by around 150 million people in parts of Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Though undeservedly obscure on the world stage, Hausa is one of the world’s most spoken languages.

Though West Africa has faced its fair share of hardships throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, the region is nonetheless blooming. As more and more West Africans step out of poverty and their national economies grow, West Africa is becoming a more and more enticing destination for expanding commercial activity. Simultaneously, of course, West Africans are increasingly moving their businesses outward, looking to conquer a share of the global market. Let the Hausa translation team at ProofreadingServices.com help. We can translate from English to Hausa or from Hausa to English to help you reach your goals.

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Hausa Translation Experts Working for You

As an Afro-Asiatic language, Hausa is related to Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic. However, unlike these famous Semitic languages, Hausa occupies the Chadic branch of the language family and is primarily spoken as a native language in Nigeria and Niger. Hausa is a tonal language with a complex and irregular system for the pluralization of nouns, with 20 different classes. Most unique, however, is the pronoun system—Hausa expresses tense, aspect, and mood through different pronouns, giving the language an extremely large repertoire of pronouns.

Hausa also uses proverbs and idiomatic language extensively, which can render translation difficult. Not to worry—our Hausa translation team is staffed with seasoned experts who can reliably capture the nuance of Hausa-language content for translation. We can also incorporate idiomatic language to produce natural-sounding translations into Hausa.

Ready for Hausa Translation? Here’s a List of Possibilities

  • Tourism materials. Attract more tourists to Nigeria, Niger, and other areas of West Africa with translations of your tourism collateral from Hausa to English. Whether it’s posters, websites, or informational signs at historic landmarks, our Hausa translators can help you engage tourists in the world’s de facto lingua franca.
  • Historical documents. Hausa writing dates back a long time—to the Middle Ages—and there are still a lot of Hausa documents that haven’t been translated yet. If you’re a historian who wants to share historical Hausa documents with the world, turn to us—we can provide top-quality translations of Hausa-language documents, whether they’re in the Latin or Arabic script.
  • Business texts. Looking to grow your customer base in West Africa? With product information, marketing materials, business plans, and more in natural-sounding Hausa, we can help make your business expansion into West Africa a success. Local Hausa-speaking businesses that want to expand their operations out of the region can also rely on our experienced Hausa translators.
  • Digital content. Internet usage is growing in West Africa—more and more people are going online, particularly with mobile devices. Unfortunately, Hausa speakers can’t find much Hausa content online. That’s where we come in—stand out and get attention by translating your e-commerce website, informational website, software program, game, or anything else into Hausa.

Our Hausa translators can offer you peace of mind—with us, you know your Hausa translation project is in good hands. So, whether you’re in Maradi, Zinder, Niamey, or anywhere else, entrust our Hausa translators with your project. Worried about the deadline? Don’t be—timely delivery of your Hausa translation is part of our quality guarantee.

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