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The K’iche’ language is not to be overlooked. Spoken by more than a million people in Central America, K’iche’ is the second-largest language in Guatemala, used by around 7% of the country’s population. Despite K’iche’ being one of the biggest indigenous languages in Mesoamerica, however, most translation agencies fail to offer K’iche’ translation services. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, we’re different.

Our K’iche’ translation team is proud to serve the K’iche’ people, whether that means translating from K’iche’ to English or from English to K’iche’. Even though the majority of Guatemalans speak Spanish, including many K’iche’ speakers, a sizeable portion of K’iche’ speakers are also monolingual, making K’iche’ translation services imperative to reach this audience. Translation into English is also the best way to spread K’iche’ messages globally. So, whatever your needs are, our K’iche’ translators are here for you.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of K’iche’ Translation Services

K’iche’ is a member of the Mayan language family, standing beside languages like Yucatec Maya and Tzeltal, and it boasts a structure completely unlike English or other European languages. For one thing, K’iche’ is an ergative language, meaning the agent of an intransitive verb is marked the same as the patient of a transitive verb. For another, K’iche’ verbs are remarkably complex, marking mood, tense, duration, aspect, and more. K’iche’ verbs even include a “status suffix” determined through a complex set of rules.

K’iche’ word order, while traditionally verb-subject-object or verb-object-subject, is relatively free in contemporary times, with modifications communicating different subtle nuances. This can make K’iche’ translation challenging, and to complicate matters, K’iche’ exhibits a high degree of dialectal variation. Some linguists even argue that some K’iche’ dialects should be considered entirely different languages. So, K’iche’ translation is certainly tricky. But our K’iche’ translation experts have years of experience, and they know precisely how to navigate these challenges to produce top-quality K’iche’ translations.

We Can Translate Nearly Anything to or from K’iche’

  • Historical documents. As a representation of historical Maya culture, K’iche’ historical documents are extremely important to historians. Some historical K’iche’ documents remain untranslated, or have only been translated into Spanish—and that’s where our K’iche’ translation team comes in. For accurate translations of historical documents that stay true to the original, trust our K’iche’ translators.
  • Literature. The world-famous Popol Vuh isn’t the only story the K’iche’ people have to tell. Our literary K’iche’ translators can provide top-quality translation services for any K’iche’ story, spreading K’iche’ culture around the globe. Of course, we can also help broaden the K’iche’ literary scene by translating international works into flowing K’iche’.
  • Business content. Looking to expand your corporate operations to Guatemala? Translation into Spanish can get you far, but if you want to truly stand out and build a loyal following, translating materials into K’iche’ is a worthwhile investment. With product labels, packages, advertisements, business plans, and more in K’iche’, you can ensure true engagement with a K’iche’ clientele.
  • Online materials. K’iche’ people use the Internet, but rarely can they find websites or other digital materials in their native language, instead being forced to resort to Spanish-language content. Our K’iche’ translation team is here to help change that. We can help businesses and individuals stand out by offering their websites, games, programs, applications, and more in K’iche’.

K’iche’ is an important, culturally rich, and historically valuable language in Mesoamerica, and at ProofreadingServices.com, we give it the respect it deserves. The vitality of the K’iche’ language is important to us, which is why we’re happy to offer our K’iche’ translation services to clients in Totonicapán, El Quiché, Sololá, Quetzaltenango, and elsewhere. If your deadline is urgent, that’s no problem—you define the deadline, and we meet it. Quality is our mission, and we always deliver.

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