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Spanish isn’t the only language spoken in Mexico. The Mayan languages are still alive and well in Mexico and elsewhere in Central America, particularly Yucatec Maya, spoken in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. A portion of these speakers are even monolingual, which demonstrates the importance of Yucatec Maya in the region. Yucatec Maya is the most widely spoken Maya language throughout Mexico and the second-biggest indigenous language spoken in the country, just after Nahuatl.

At, we’re passionate about minority languages like Yucatec Maya. Most translation agencies overlook these culturally significant languages in favor of larger languages like French and Korean—but we care about the speakers of Yucatec Maya and those who want to reach them. That’s why we’ve compiled a top-level Yucatec Maya translation team to serve the people of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo—incidentally among the safest and most developed states in Mexico.

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Yucatec Maya Translation: Trust the Experts

As the primary language of the Mayan civilization, Yucatec Maya is not at all similar to English or Spanish and features several grammatical concepts that are tricky for European language speakers to grasp. Yucatec Maya cases are usually determined just by word order—which is generally verb-object-subject—but in the genitive and dative cases, prepositions also mark the case. Pronouns in Yucatec Maya are complicated: several sets exist, and in many cases, the pronouns are attached to verbs or nouns instead of acting as standalone words.

Verbs, however, are generally considered the most difficult aspect of Yucatec Maya grammar. Unlike English, Yucatec Maya uses different verbs in transitive and intransitive sentences (i.e., whether or not there is an object in the sentence). But by far the most complicated aspect of Yucatec Maya verbs is their lack of tenses. It may sound unbelievable, but Yucatec Maya doesn’t use tenses at all, nor does it have words for “before” or “after.” Instead, Yucatec Maya speakers rely on a convoluted system of aspect and mood to express the same temporal information as languages with tenses. This does, however, present a major translation challenge, and only highly experienced Yucatec Maya translators can handle this delicate task.

Yucatec Maya Translations for Everyone and Anyone

  • Historical documents. Yucatec Maya has a lot of history behind it, having once been the key language of communication for the thriving Mayan civilization. Written Mayan documents date back several centuries, but many have only been partially translated at best. Our Yucatec Maya translators can help historians, researchers, and others uncover the secrets behind these valuable historical documents.
  • Literary texts. Whether it’s religious texts from Yucatec Maya’s history or works of literature sharing Yucatán’s story, our Yucatec Maya translators are passionate about helping Maya writers find a new audience worldwide with professional translation services. We also encourage English-language authors to target the Yucatec Maya world with their works—Yucatec Maya speakers are proud of their language and appreciate literature in their native language.
  • Digital materials. A lot of Yucatec Maya speakers use the Internet regularly, but the lack of content in Yucatec Maya forces them to use Spanish as they browse websites and use apps. Naturally, many would prefer to use their native language, so this represents a prime opportunity for those looking to expand the reach of their website, software program, game, app, or more. Stand out and cultivate a loyal audience with Yucatec Maya translations!

Spanning from Merida to Timizin to Kanasin, our Yucatec Maya translators are passionate about connecting the Yucatán Peninsula to the wider world. We understand the importance of minority languages like this and the impacts their vitality has on their speakers. That’s why we’re so proud to offer our translation services 24/7, with flexible deadlines meant to suit your schedule. We also accommodate special requests to fit your needs.

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