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Looking to spread your message to Burundi? This small, landlocked African nation houses more than 11 million residents, giving it a high population density. The country has faced a volatile history, but its GDP has been growing, and slowly, the quality of life is improving for Burundians. Burundi is also becoming more digitized, with more and more Burundians connecting online.

Burundi has three official languages—English, French, and Kirundi. However, English and French proficiency are relatively low, with the majority of the Burundian population speaking only Kirundi. Thus, if you’re looking to spread your message to the Burundian people, professional Kirundi translation services are the only way to go. At ProofreadingServices.com, our seasoned Kirundi translators can assist you, whether you need English-to-Kirundi or Kirundi-to-English translation.

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Kirundi Translation Services from the Top Kirundi Translation Professionals

A Bantu language with more than 11 million speakers, Kirundi is spoken primarily in Burundi but also in parts of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It also bears a striking similarity to Kinyarwanda and Ha, enjoying mutual intelligibility. Thus, translating your message into Kirundi can mean you may also gain extra readers in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Like in other nearby Bantu languages, such as Kikuyu, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili, an extensive noun class system permeates every aspect of Kirundi. The language has more than 15 noun classes, which are similar to grammatical gender and are indicated by prefixes on nouns and adjectives. Subject and object class is also generally marked on verbs, which may allow a reader to infer the object without an explicit reference. Kirundi verbs are similarly complicated, with a series of prefixes or infixes attached to indicate person, tense, aspect, and more.

Needless to say, Kirundi is a complex language that is difficult for English speakers to understand. That’s why professional Kirundi translation services are so important. Our Kirundi translation experts boast years of experience and can translate almost any type of document.

Let Us Translate Your Document to or from Kirundi

  • Literature. If you’re a Burundian author, poet, playwright, or other content creator, our literary Kirundi translators can help you forge an international reputation. From folklore to contemporary stories, let us help you spread the stories of Burundi. The same deal applies to international artists looking to entertain the people of Burundi—we can translate creative works into natural-sounding Kirundi.​​​​
  • Tourism collateral. East Africa is growing increasingly popular as a tourist destination, and to accommodate these international visitors, hotels, travel agencies, resorts, and others in the Burundian tourist sector need to ensure high-quality Kirundi-to-English translations of their documents. Our Kirundi translators can assist with any type of tourism collateral.
  • Digital materials. Burundi’s Internet penetration rate may not be terribly high at present, but it’s growing—quickly. Whether you have an e-commerce site, blog, software, app, or game, this is a perfect opportunity to assert yourself in a growing market. We can help you stand out and cultivate a new audience by translating your digital content into Kirundi.
  • Business documents. Our Kirundi translators would love to help companies expanding operations into Burundi. To engage with a Burundian customer base, Kirundi-language translations of your advertisements, brochures, product packaging, and corporate website are necessary, and we can deliver high quality. We’d also be thrilled to assist native Burundian businesses with their outward expansion through Kirundi-to-English translation services.

There’s never been a better time to order Kirundi translation services. Our offer is available to clients in Bujumbura, Muyinga, Gitega, Ngozi, and beyond, and with 24/7 accessibility, we guarantee timely delivery of your Kirundi translation, no matter what turnaround option you select. If you have any special requests, just tell us, and we’ll incorporate them—we craft the translation you want.

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