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East African nations like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda have been experiencing significant economic growth over the last several decades, and their economies show no signs of slowing. As these countries continue to raise their GDPs and their people enjoy an increasingly higher quality of life, they become ever more attractive as destinations for international expansion. Simultaneously, more and more East African companies are making it big internationally, elevating the prestige of these nations.

While East Africa is quite linguistically diverse, Swahili is a widely spoken lingua franca in the region, particularly in Kenya and Tanzania. The language is perhaps the most prestigious of all indigenous African languages, and while it’s estimated to only have anywhere between 2 million and 18 million native speakers, it boasts more than 90 million second-language speakers. So, if you want to engage an audience in East Africa—and particularly in Kenya and Tanzania—Swahili is the way to do it.

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Don’t Trust Amateurs with Your Swahili Translation Project

Swahili is the most famous language in Africa’s prominent Bantu language family, with Zulu, Xhosa, and Shona also members of the expansive family. Bantu languages are remarkably agglutinative, with the most distinctive feature being the extensive word class system. Unlike European languages, which typically have only two or three grammatical genders, Swahili has a whopping 18 noun classes, which determine the plural forms of nouns. But that’s not all—Swahili also uses a broad agreement system that modifies adjectives, verbs, and pronouns based on the noun class of the respective noun. Some nouns don’t have a plural form, with the plural indicated only through these agreement prefixes.

Swahili’s verbs are also highly concatenative, taking various prefixes to express different grammatical information. Like many European languages, the subject is marked on the verb, but so is the object, if there is one. Verbs also take prefixes to indicate tense or aspect, and relative prefixes, such as “when,” can also be appended. Finally, verbal suffixes can sway a verb’s nuance, such as by adding reciprocity or causativity. If this sounds confusing, it is—that’s why you can’t trust amateur Swahili translators. Our translators are pros, and they take care to craft reliable translations.

High-Quality Swahili Translations in Any Domain

  • Corporate content. If you want to jump into the blossoming business scene in East Africa, trust our professional Swahili translators to make your business collateral accessible to your new customers. From business plans and human resources manuals to product descriptions and advertisements, our Swahili translators know how to help you market yourself in Swahili. We also offer our services to East African companies that want to translate from Swahili to English to gain a hold on the global market.
  • Scholarly papers. If you’re a Swahili-speaking researcher, our academic translators can assist you with careful translation into English to communicate with international peers or publish your work in English-language journals. With a diverse team hailing from various backgrounds, we can cater to academics in any field. And our academic translation offering goes both ways—English-speaking scholars looking to engage the Swahili academic sphere or conduct research in East Africa should look to us for high-quality Swahili translation.
  • Creative writing. With Swahili’s prestige in Africa, more and more authors are writing their books in Swahili. Our Swahili translators are here to help Swahili-language writers take their stories to new markets with careful English translations that stay faithful to the original manuscript. But that’s not all we do—we also help foreign creatives translate their content into Swahili to cultivate a new audience and broaden the scope of art in East Africa.

Here at, anyone who requires Swahili translation services can look to our team of professional Swahili translators to craft the right translation for them. We serve clients from Zanzibar, Nairobi, Dodoma, Kampala, Bujumbura, and beyond, helping them break down language barriers and communicate their message to their intended audience.

If you’re ready to see what professional Swahili translation can do for you, reach out to our team today.

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