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A lot of translation agencies focus on the major languages—French, German, Russian, Japanese, etc. Of course, at, we translate those languages too. But we also recognize the importance of smaller languages. The world is a phenomenally linguistically diverse place, and Africa exhibits some of the highest linguistic diversity in the world. While most Africans speak English, French, Arabic, or another major lingua franca, many speak an indigenous language at home, and we’re here to offer translation services in these important native languages.

One such example is Shona, known as chiShona in the language itself. It’s an official language in Zimbabwe and a recognized minority language in South Africa with 10 to 15 million speakers, depending on which dialects are counted. Shona connects more than 75% of Zimbabwe’s population, acting as the national language. It’s an important language in Zimbabwe and should be your go-to choice if you’re trying to reach the Zimbabwean people. At, our Shona translation team offers high-quality translations both to and from Shona for all types of documents.

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Let Our Shona Translators Break Down Language Barriers

Like many languages in East Africa, Shona is a Bantu language, making it related to languages like Swahili and Zulu. Like all Bantu languages, Shona features an elaborate system of noun classes, which are similar to grammatical gender but far more extensive. In Shona, there are 21 noun classes, or mupanda, roughly grouped together by meaning, with the classes dictating plural forms, pronouns, and demonstratives.

The Shona verb system, like that of other Bantu languages, is also complicated. Verbs are built through a series of prefixes that indicate the person, tense, aspect, subject, object, and more, making for long and highly nuanced verbs. Additionally, Shona neologisms and other new words that emerge in the language tend to draw on Shona culture, resulting in confusing etymology and making terminology difficult for learners to grasp. Shona translators must carefully consider these factors in their work, and ours do—with the experience our Shona translators have, you can easily trust in the quality of our translation services.

Reliable Shona Translation Services for Anyone

See below for a few examples of the types of translation we offer:

  • Stories and literature. With a rich tradition of oral storytelling, Shona has easily adapted to the written word. Our Shona translators are here to help Shona poets, novelists, and others tell their stories to a global audience. We also work for international writers who want to bring their literary works to the Shona people. In both cases, we take great care to transmit all the same nuances.
  • Business plans and promotional material. Our Shona translators would love to help international companies set up operations in Zimbabwe or South Africa. With high-quality Shona translations of user manuals, product labels, advertisements, and more, you can gain a loyal Shona-speaking customer base. The same applies to Shona-speaking businesses, of course—our Shona translators offer top-quality Shona-to-English translation for those catering to an international audience.
  • Websites and software. Usage of the Internet is rapidly expanding in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, but content on the web tends not to be available in indigenous African languages. This leaves open a huge market for blogs, retail websites, games, apps, informational websites, and more in Shona—and our Shona translators can help you tap into this niche.

Whether you’re looking to set up business operations in Harare, are a writer from Mutare hoping to sell your book internationally, or are a researcher targeting subjects in Bulawayo, you can rely on our Shona translation team. We work carefully to accommodate your specific needs, and that includes your deadline. Even if you have an urgent timeline, our translators can work to deliver your high-quality Shona translation on time.

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