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South Africa is remarkably linguistically diverse. The country recognizes 11 official languages, far more than most nations. One of those languages is Xhosa, spoken by the Xhosa people primarily in the South African province of Eastern Cape and parts of Zimbabwe. More than 8 million people speak Xhosa as a native language, with another 11 million having learned it as a second language.

Many Xhosa speakers can also speak English, another official language of South Africa. However, Xhosa native speakers most closely identify with content in the language of their heart, so if you want to truly connect with people in Eastern Cape or Zimbabwe, you’ll need professional Xhosa translation services. Those may sound difficult to find, but you’re in luck— has compiled a top-level Xhosa translation team ready to tackle any kind of Xhosa translation.

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Xhosa’s Unique Characteristics

Xhosa is a Bantu language, like Swahili, Kinyarwanda, and Zulu. Like most Bantu languages, Xhosa is a tonal language, and it features 18 click consonants, something almost exclusively found in southern African languages.

As a Bantu language, Xhosa is agglutinative, which means it glues together word stems and affixes to create grammatical meaning. This can result in long words, especially since noun class is usually marked on multiple words in a sentence. Indeed, Xhosa has a whopping 15 noun classes, which are similar to the grammatical gender found in European languages, and their markers modify nouns, verbs, adjectives, relative pronouns, and more.

Xhosa nouns are certainly complex, as is typical in Bantu languages. But that doesn’t mean verbs aren’t—verbs in Xhosa can grow to significant lengths with the addition of various affixes. Verbs are marked for both subject and object—the marker depends on the respective noun class—as well as tense, aspect, and mood. While Xhosa’s extensive class system can help reduce ambiguity, it makes for a complex language that demands true professionalism from Xhosa translators. Our team is proud to work with Xhosa, accommodating your requests to craft the best Xhosa translation for you.

Xhosa Translations That You Can Rely On—For Any Purpose

Wondering what we translate to and from Xhosa? Here’s a small sample of what we can do:

  • Stories. Traditional Xhosa stories have been passed down from generation to generation. In the modern day, Xhosa writers continue to tell stories in their native language, but unfortunately, they cannot reach an international audience in Xhosa. Our Xhosa translators can expertly translate Xhosa-language literature into English to help authors gain a worldwide following. It’s also important to bring literary works to local audiences, so our translators work with foreign writers to expertly translate their stories into Xhosa.
  • Online content. The expansion of the Xhosa-language Internet is important as more and more Xhosa speakers start going online. Currently, little digital content—such as blogs, e-commerce sites, apps, and games—is available in Xhosa, so if you translate your content into Xhosa, you can stand out and cultivate a loyal audience in Eastern Cape. Our translators are here to help.
  • Business content. South Africa is a prominent African market and one of the BRICS nations, so expansion to South Africa is a wise choice for many companies. If you’re moving into the Eastern Cape region, make sure you’re catering to your target audience with professional Xhosa translations, which will help drive loyalty. Whether you want to translate promotional documents or employment contracts, our business Xhosa translators are here for you.

If you want high-quality Xhosa translations—whether Xhosa to English or English to Xhosa—our translation team is here to help. Whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Johannesburg, or anywhere else, our Xhosa translators can work with you to produce the translation results you need. We tailor our work to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any special requests.

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