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With the numerous different ethnic groups that inhabit the Southeast Asian nation of Laos, communication is only possible through a nationwide lingua franca. The national language, Lao (sometimes called Laotian), is used for this, spoken as a native language by roughly half of the population of Laos.

Though Laos may not have an overly large economy at the moment, the Laotian economy has been rapidly developing over the 21st century. One of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, Laos has been developing quickly, making it the ideal expansion destination for companies looking to tap into a promising market early. Whether you’re a business, researcher, author, or anyone else, Lao translation services can help you advance toward your goals—and the professional Lao translators at are just what you need to get there.

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Lao Translation Is Tricky—But We’re Seasoned Professionals

With more than 30 million speakers mostly dispersed throughout Laos, Lao is an important language in Southeast Asia. Being a Kra–Dai language, Lao is similar to Thai, yet it differs starkly from Cambodian (Khmer) and Vietnamese.

Grammatically, Lao is a relatively simple language with almost no inflection—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For example, despite a lack of case markings, Lao also uses relatively free word order, leaving syntactic relationships to be determined through context. Similarly, verbs are not conjugated for tense, mood, or person, even though pronouns are often omitted. This makes Lao a high-context language that can be extraordinarily difficult to translate.

And then there’s the writing system—Lao uses its own writing system derived from the Khmer alphabet. A lack of spaces makes word divisions difficult to discern. Consonants are the primary letters, with vowels added before, after, above, or below consonants but always pronounced after, and some vowels take different forms depending on whether they appear in the middle or at the end of a syllable. Finally, Lao doesn’t use a single standardized orthography, so reading—and translating—the language can be tricky. Luckily, our Lao translators have built up years of experience, so they can translate to and from Lao expertly and effortlessly, no matter the type of document.

Let Us Translate Anything You Need to or from Lao

  • Academia: We’re passionate about helping Lao scholars reach international audiences with their work. Dreaming of publishing your article in an English-language journal? Our academic Lao translators can help. We’re also here to assist foreign researchers who need Lao translations of their surveys or questionnaires to distribute to Lao-speaking participants.
  • Business: Want in on the action of the growing Laotian economy? Let our business Lao translators help you conquer a new market with high-quality Lao translations of your business plan, product labels, press releases, marketing materials, and more. For Laotian businesses that want to market to the wider world, we also provide top-quality Lao-to-English translation services.
  • Online: As more and more of Laos connects online, the need for Lao-language digital content becomes increasingly pertinent. Though the Lao Internet is still in its beginning stages, any e-commerce website, blog, app, program, or game that translates into Lao can stand out and gain respect and clout from a Lao-speaking audience. Our Lao translators can help you get there.

From Vientiane to Luang Prabang to Pakse to Thakhek, we’re dedicated to crafting high-quality Lao translations you can trust. We’re proud to serve businesses, scholars, creatives, and others as they bridge the communication gap between Laos and the rest of the world, helping clients succeed in and out of Laos. We value your time and leave the deadline up to you, promising a timely delivery no matter how urgent your Lao translation project is.

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