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China has traditionally been the most popular manufacturing destination for companies worldwide, but expanding into China comes with a number of problems due to the Chinese Communist Party’s tight grip on every aspect of the country. Want access to a new strong Asian market with a large labor force? Look to Vietnam, which is quickly becoming the new hotspot for international expansion and manufacturing.

The Vietnamese economy has been growing rapidly as the country increasingly opens up its market. More and more companies are taking their business to the thriving Southeast Asian nation as predictions of Vietnamese GDP forecast higher and higher figures. Native Vietnamese companies are similarly flourishing, increasingly expanding outward to capture the worldwide market. Of course, companies in either situation require professional Vietnamese translation services to achieve their goals—and at ProofreadingServices.com, we have just the Vietnamese translators they need.

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Translating Vietnamese Calls for Real Translation Expertise

Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language native to Vietnam, related to Khmer in neighboring Cambodia but not Chinese, even though Vietnamese was historically written with Chinese characters. The language has more than 75 million speakers, mostly in Vietnam and southeastern China. It’s an analytic and isolating language with almost no inflection—Vietnamese words don’t decline for case, gender, number, or tense. Thus, it expresses grammatical relationships through word order and auxiliary words.

By default, Vietnamese uses a subject-verb-object word order, although this can be adjusted to position the topic at the beginning of a sentence. Unlike in English, adjectives and demonstratives come after a noun, and Vietnamese can drop parts of a sentence that can be easily inferred through context. Vietnamese pronouns are, however, more complicated than in English, heavily governed by gender, the politeness register, and the relationship between the speaker and the listener. This makes the expertise of a professional Vietnamese translator necessary—the wrong pronoun could render a text rude, inaccurate, or unnatural. Our Vietnamese translators know how to translate Vietnamese pronouns into English, and they know how to carefully pick the right Vietnamese pronoun to fit the context when translating into Vietnamese.

Translating Anything You Want to and from Vietnamese

  • Academic and research materials. Among Vietnam’s population of more than 96 million are countless scholars, academics, and researchers whose contributions to the global academic scene are limited by the language barrier. Our Vietnamese translators are here to help Vietnamese academics gain worldwide recognition and spread their ideas globally, no matter what field they study in.
  • Business and promotional documents. If you want to dive into a budding Asian market with a strong economy and forecasts of flourishing growth, come to Vietnam. Getting set up in Vietnam early can be advantageous for your business, whether you’re selling to the Vietnamese people or hiring them for your factories. Our business Vietnamese translators can help you translate ads, employment contracts, business plans, and more into Vietnamese to jump-start your operations.
  • Creative content. With Vietnam’s rich history, the nation has produced a wealth of literary works—but they haven’t all been shared with the wider world. Our Vietnamese translators can help Vietnamese writers translate their stories into flowing English to capture the hearts of a worldwide audience. Foreign creatives eying the Vietnamese market can do the same—we’ll carefully translate your creative works into Vietnamese and spread your creations to more than 96 million more people.

Our Vietnamese translation services are available to those living in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong, Can Tho, and beyond. No matter who you are, you’re welcome to take advantage of our Vietnamese translation services, which are highly customizable to suit your individual needs. You choose the nature of our services as well as the deadline, which can be adjusted to fit your schedule. All we want to do is provide you with the best Vietnamese translations on the web.

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