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Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia on the Gulf of Thailand, has seen its economy rapidly expand in the 21st century, and although larger neighbors like Vietnam and Thailand may boast a bigger economy, Cambodia’s is growing faster. As Cambodia’s economy develops further and further, it is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for international expansion for businesses, creatives, and more. Of course, though, to connect with the Cambodian population, you’ll need to have your content professionally translated into Khmer.’s top-quality Khmer translation services aren’t just for international companies looking for a share of the Cambodian market. We also cater to native Cambodian businesses that want to take their operations to the global stage. For reliable Khmer translation services in either direction, trust our team of experienced Khmer translators.

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Khmer Is Complicated—But Not for Our Translators

With more than 16 million speakers, Khmer is not to be underestimated. The national language of Cambodia and the second-most widely spoken Austroasiatic language (the first being Vietnamese), Khmer differs dramatically from neighboring languages like Thai or Lao, even though the scripts look similar. Khmer is an analytic, isolating language, like Vietnamese, which means it features no inflections, conjugations, or case endings. But that doesn’t mean Khmer is simple.

Quite the contrary—English speakers have a hard time grasping Khmer. Grammatical relationships are expressed through particles and auxiliary verbs. Khmer speakers often omit the subject of a sentence, and like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, sentences are often formed with a topic–comment structure. Finally, Khmer features a complicated social deixis system, wherein speakers use different pronouns, honorifics, and other vocabulary based on their perceived relation to the listeners.

The Khmer script is another source of complexity—with no spaces, words run together and complicate understanding. The Khmer writing system is classified as an abugida, where letters represent consonants and diacritics are added to indicate vowels—but in some cases, vowels may be written as independent letters. Dependent vowels, on the other hand, may be added before, after, above, or below the consonant but are always pronounced after the consonant. The Khmer writing system is remarkably complicated, but practiced Khmer translators like the ones on our team can expertly navigate such issues to produce high-quality Khmer translations.

What Can We Translate to or from Khmer for You?

  • Business documents. Whether you’re aiming to expand into Cambodia or move your native Cambodian business outside of the country, our Khmer translators can help. We can translate business proposals, sales reports, promotional documents, product packaging, and more to or from Khmer.
  • Tourism collateral. With breathtaking attractions like Angkor Wat and gorgeous beaches along the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is high on many tourists’ vacation lists. However, most tourists don’t speak Khmer, so clear, flowing English text is necessary. Our Khmer translators can help you cater to foreign visitors to boost your business and Cambodia’s tourism sector.
  • Digital content. Cambodia’s Internet penetration rate is much lower than that of Europe or North America, but it has skyrocketed since 2010 and is expected to only continue growing. This makes it the perfect time to translate online content into Khmer—whether it’s a website, mobile application, game, or software program, you can stand out by jumping into the budding Khmer-language Internet.

Ready for high-quality Khmer translation services? Our translators are. We’re available 24/7 to break down the language barriers between Khmer and English for businesspeople, authors, academics, individuals, and everyone in between. Whether you’re from Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, Ta Khmau, or anywhere else, we’d be happy to help you with your Khmer translation needs. The deadline is entirely up to you, too—we can work fast without sacrificing accuracy.

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