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​Luxembourg is tiny but powerful. The small Western European nation, nestled between European powerhouses Germany, France, and Belgium, is famous for having one of the highest per-capita GDPs in the world and an extraordinarily high quality of life. The Luxembourgish live in style—and our Luxembourgish translators can help you expand into Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a highly multilingual country, with many Luxembourgers additionally speaking French, German, and English. In fact, French and German are also official languages in Luxembourg, with French the predominant language of the large expatriate population. But don’t underestimate the value of Luxembourgish translation services. Luxembourgish is the national language of Luxembourg and is considered the “language of the heart,” and Luxembourgers truly appreciate companies, artists, and others who translate into their native language. Luxembourgers similarly shouldn’t underestimate the value of hiring professional Luxembourgish-to-English translators, as the grammatical mistakes or awkward formulations that arise when translating into a second language can sabotage one’s ambitions.

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Our Luxembourgish Translators: Passionate and Experienced

Luxembourgish is a West Germanic language, like English, but is far more similar to German than English. In fact, Luxembourgish is mutually intelligible with some nearby German dialects. The language uses three genders and three cases, one fewer than German. Adjectives are marked for case and gender, but only when they precede the noun they modify.

One of the most complicated aspects of Luxembourgish is its unusual word order system, which is classified as V2-SOV. In main clauses, the verb must always be in the second position, with the first being occupied by the subject, object, or oblique phrase, depending on the intended nuance. However, in subordinate clauses, the verb must come at the end. Such complications make Luxembourgish challenging for English speakers, but you’re in luck—our Luxembourgish translators are trained professionals, capable of producing top-quality translations in both directions.

Who Can Take Advantage of Our Luxembourgish Translation Services?

  • Corporate materials. With Luxembourg’s advanced economy and skyrocketing per-capita GDP, the country is a corporate hotspot. If you’re looking to move your business to this lucrative Western European country, our business Luxembourgish translators can help you tailor your business plan, advertising material, product labels, and more for a Luxembourgish clientele. We also work with Luxembourgish businesses to produce professional Luxembourgish-to-English translations to support their international expansion.
  • Scholarly works. Luxembourg regularly produces world-class scholars, but grammatical mistakes or awkward structures can undermine a researcher’s hard work. Let our academic Luxembourgish translators help—we can ensure a flowing, natural-sounding English-language dissertation, research paper, or other work so Luxembourgish academics can gain clout on the international stage. Foreign scholars should equally feel free to reach out to us for academic translation of surveys, questionnaires, papers, and more into Luxembourgish.
  • Creative content. From novels, plays, and poems to films and games, people hunger for good stories, and the best ones deserve to be told all around the world. Our literary Luxembourgish translators are passionate about helping Luxembourgish creatives spread their works globally with professional translations. Another passion of ours is translating creative works into Luxembourgish so the people of Luxembourg can enjoy them in their native language.

Clients all over Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette, Diekirch, Ettelbruck, Bettembourg, and beyond entrust their business, academic, creative, and other documents to our experienced Luxembourgish translators, knowing we provide best-in-class translation services. Our translators work around the clock for you, accommodating any special requests you may have for your Luxembourgish translation. We also care about your time—even if your deadline is looming, we work quickly without sacrificing quality to return your translation on time, every time.

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