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Mongolia shines as a democratic state sandwiched between authoritarian superpowers Russia and China. Its deceptively large land area makes it the most sparsely populated sovereign nation, yet it boasts an economy that has grown rapidly over the last few decades. Its GDP is almost double that of neighboring Kyrgyzstan despite having only half the population—Mongolia is truly underrated. And Mongolia continues to grow, representing a prime opportunity for foreign businesses and content creators to tap into a promising new market in Asia.

Of course, if you’re expanding into Mongolia, Mongolian translation services are imperative. Though Mongolians do learn English in school, most cannot use the language reliably, and many Mongolians are effectively monolingual in Mongolian. So, if you’re catering to the Mongolian population, using Mongolian is the best solution. Mongolians do need English, however, when they take their own companies or content to the international stage. Luckily,’s Mongolian translation team is here to serve both translation needs.

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Dive into the Difficulties of the Mongolian Language

An ancient civilization dating back centuries, Mongolia has its own unique language that is unlike those of its neighbors. It’s the star of the Mongolic language family, making it fairly distinct from other languages, though it does share certain grammatical features with languages like Japanese and Korean. However, it’s worlds apart from English.

Mongolian is an agglutinative language that glues together series of suffixes to verb and noun stems to create further grammatical meaning. Mongolian’s eight cases allow for relatively free word order, although subject-object-verb is the default. The accusative (direct object) case is only used for definite nouns, with indefinite direct objects taking the nominative (subject) form instead. Plurality may be marked in various ways, but marking it at all is optional. Mongolian verbs are also quite complex, being marked for voice, tense, aspect, and evidentiality, or the source of a speaker’s information. And then there’s the writing system—although Mongolia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, Mongolian speakers in Inner Mongolia retain the usage of the traditional Mongolian script written vertically.

Mongolian is nothing like English, which can render the Mongolian translation process remarkably tricky. To communicate your message smoothly, you need reliable Mongolian translation experts with ample experience—and that’s precisely what we have on our Mongolian translation team.

Mongolian Translation Services in the Following Domains and More

We cover a wide range of translation needs. Ask about our Mongolian translation services in any of the following areas and beyond:

  • Academic translation. If you’re a researcher or scholar at a Mongolian university, you may be interested in Mongolian translation services to transform your journal article or thesis into English. Our translators help Mongolian academics gain prominence internationally by publishing their works in international journals. Our translators have also helped researchers from around the world engage with Mongolian-speaking peers and research subjects alike.
  • Business translation. If tapping into Mongolia’s ever-growing economy is in the cards for your business, you’ll need professional Mongolian translation services to engage with the local populace and your peers. Our Mongolian translators know the ins and outs of the Mongolian business world, allowing us to craft precise, effective translations for business plans, promotional documents, and more. Mongolian businesses can similarly rely on us to translate their content into English and help them conquer the global market.
  • Literary translation. A country with a history as rich and long as Mongolia’s is bound to be brimming with valuable literature. Whether historical or contemporary, Mongolia’s literature should be known around the world—and that’s where comes in. Our translators will transform Mongolian prose into flowing English—or we can take English-language stories and localize them for the Mongolian market to help authors reach a new customer base.

Our Mongolian translators have helped clients in Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, Darkhan, Choibalsan, and beyond. With 24/7 availability and the flexibility to help clients from all walks of life, our Mongolian translation team is ready to assist anyone who needs high-quality Mongolian translation services. You specify the conditions and the deadline, and we’ll work carefully to produce your translation.

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