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While the Kyrgyzstani economy suffered upon the country’s initial independence from the Soviet Union, it has since grown its GDP significantly. Kyrgyzstan is still considered a developing country, but its economy is growing, and the quality of life of its people is improving. As the country grows, it represents a new market for foreign businesses to dive into, as native Kyrgyz companies increasingly jump on opportunities to take their products and services beyond their borders.

International expansion—no matter the direction—usually necessitates professional translation services. After all, whether you’re a business, artist, or scholar, you have to communicate smoothly with your new audience. Finding quality Kyrgyz translation services can be a challenge, but fortunately, we at see the value in offering translation services for underserved languages. Our Kyrgyz translation team stands ready to assist you with all your Kyrgyz translation needs.

Our Kyrgyz translation rates are competitive, and requesting a quote to see them is free—ask us today!

Translating Kyrgyz Despite the Challenges

Kyrgyz comes from the Turkic language family, related to languages like Turkmen, Uzbek, and Turkish, and shares remarkably high mutual intelligibility with Kazakh. It has been written in a number of scripts throughout history, with modern-day Kyrgyzstan using the Cyrillic alphabet. Kyrgyz speakers in neighboring Xinjiang use the Arabic script, and though the Latin Kyrgyz alphabet is not in official use, some texts are still written in the alphabet.

Kyrgyz marks nouns with seven different cases, with several suffixes possible for each depending on the phonetics of the root word. Like most Turkic languages, Kyrgyz uses the concept of vowel harmony to dictate these phonetic changes. Kyrgyz also uses polite pronouns, like many European languages, but uses separate, dedicated forms for the singular and plural polite pronouns. Unlike many European languages, it does not use grammatical gender, and unlike English, it lacks definite and indefinite articles.

The differences between Kyrgyz and English make translation between the two languages difficult—but not impossible. Our Kyrgyz translation team boasts a wealth of experience, preparing them to tackle your Kyrgyz translation project with expertise, no matter what it is.

What Can We Translate to or from Kyrgyz for You?

Our translators work hard to bridge the language barrier between English and Kyrgyz. Here are just a few of the domains we work in:

  • Business translation. Whether you’re localizing for a particular market or broadening your offering for the whole world, professional translation services are key to seamless translation. Our Kyrgyz translators work with foreign and Kyrgyz businesses alike that are targeting new markets and need high-quality translations of their financial reports, employment contracts, product descriptions, website copy, and more. Our business acumen gives us the knowledge we need to produce high-quality business translations.
  • Digital content translation. Internet penetration rates are growing in Kyrgyzstan—but the amount of Kyrgyz-language digital content is lagging behind. Kyrgyz speakers who want to shop at retail websites, read blogs, use apps, and play games in their native language must rely on Russian instead. But with our skilled Kyrgyz translators, you can cater to this growing market, standing out and gaining loyalty in the process.
  • Academic translation. We believe the discoveries of Kyrgyz researchers are important, but unless they’re translated into English, it’s hard for them to attract international attention. Our Kyrgyz translators are well versed in the conventions of academic writing in both English and Kyrgyz, allowing for seamless academic translation to and from Kyrgyz. Researchers wishing to disseminate surveys to Kyrgyz-speaking populations can also take advantage of our academic translation offering.

We’re proud of the flexibility we offer in our translation services. We can serve clients from the business, academic, literary, and digital sectors, among others, no matter where they’re located. From Bishkek to Osh to Jalal-Abad to Karakol, our Kyrgyz translators are ready to tackle your translation project. Let us know if you have special requests: we’re happy to accommodate them to best meet your Kyrgyz translation needs.

If you want to jump into your first Kyrgyz translation project, just send us a message—we can discuss the details.

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