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Turkmenistan’s economy has grown steadily since the Central Asian country’s divorce from the Soviet Union in 1991. Boasting the world’s fourth-largest reserve of natural gas has been a boon as Turkmenistan continuously climbs the ranks in the global economy. While Turkmenistan is not yet a developed economy, it’s on its way there, and its people enjoy a relatively high quality of life as native businesses also branch out internationally. This makes Turkmenistan an ideal market for foreign businesses or content creators seeking expansion.

The national language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen, a Turkic language related to Azerbaijani and Turkish. Most of the Turkmen population speaks the language, with additional speakers in northeastern Iran and northwestern Afghanistan. Ordering professional Turkmen translation services is key for international players to communicate smoothly with the Turkmen people, as well as for Turkmens to make themselves heard internationally. At, we’re proud to offer Turkmen translation services, delivered by our highly experienced Turkmen translators.

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Navigating the Difficulties of Turkmen Translation

Turkmen has had a rich history, developing a written language as early as the 13th century. At this time, Turkmen was written in the unmodified Arabic script, which failed to distinguish many phonemic differences in Turkmen. In the early years of the USSR, a Latin alphabet was developed and used for 10 years before a Cyrillic alphabet was developed for the language. Upon the dissolution of the USSR, Turkmenistan switched back to the Latin alphabet. Turkmen speakers in Iran and Afghanistan still use the Arabic script, however.

Turkmen’s grammar is complicated for an English speaker, with six cases whose suffixes vary based on phonetics. Inflections are governed by the idea of vowel harmony, with the vowel of a suffix changing based on the vowels in the root word. Turkmen verbs conjugate for a number of tenses, aspects, and moods, with only some taking person markings, making explicit pronouns necessary for the remainder. Turkmen also builds evidentiality into its verbs, differentiating whether a speaker has direct knowledge of the information they’re conveying or are simply inferring it.

Translating Turkmen—whether into or out of the language—can be a challenge, considering its stark differences from English. But our Turkmen translation team is well practiced in the specifics of Turkmen translation and can handle translation projects in any of the three Turkmen scripts.

Dive into Turkmen Translation for the Following Documents

Our translation services are wide-reaching. Just check out some of the domains we offer Turkmen translation in:

  • Academia. Turkmen scholars work hard to make scientific breakthroughs, but the language barrier can prevent them from achieving international success. Our Turkmen translators are familiar with a wide range of subjects, making them well suited to translate theses and papers of all kinds for international journals. Naturally, the offer also stands for foreign academics who want to research or publish in Turkmenistan.
  • Business. As Turkmenistan grows its economy, business translation becomes increasingly important, both for foreign companies expanding into the country and for Turkmen companies moving out of it. Our Turkmen translators can assist on both sides, expertly translating business plans, press releases, advertisements, employment contracts, and more to or from Turkmen.
  • Literature. Literature has existed in the Turkmen language for centuries, even when most of the population was illiterate. There remains an abundance of Turkmen-language literature that has not been translated, and more is being created in the modern day. Our Turkmen translators are here to help Turkmen authors and historians share the stories of Turkmenistan with the world. We can also bring global stories to Turkmenistan with precise Turkmen translations.

Our Turkmen translators are dedicated to their mission to produce high-quality Turkmen translations for any type of client. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Ashgabat, Türkmenabat, Daşoguz, Mary, or anywhere else—you’ll always get high-quality Turkmen translations from us. You choose the deadline and conditions, and we’ll work diligently to meet your expectations.

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