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Nepal’s economy has been growing steadily for several decades, particularly skyrocketing since the early 2000s. Showing no signs of slowing, Nepal is increasingly improving its economy and quality of life, making it more and more attractive as a destination for foreign corporate expansion. Taking your business to Nepal can be a worthwhile investment—but translation into Nepali, the national language and lingua franca, is vital.

As foreign companies increasingly eye the Nepali market, Nepali companies are more and more setting their sights on international expansion. For that, of course, translation from Nepali to English, the de facto universal lingua franca, is necessary. The Nepali translation team at is equipped to help those on both sides of the Nepali–English language barrier. Whether you’re a business, scholar, content creator, or anyone else, we can help you with your Nepali translation projects.

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Our Nepali Translation Team: Top Nepali Experts

Sometimes called Nepalese, Nepali is an official language in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Myanmar, as well as the national language and lingua franca of Nepal. More than 17 million people worldwide speak Nepali, and it’s the native language of roughly 45% of the Nepali population. It’s an Indo-Aryan language, similar to Hindi, Gujarati, and Bengali, but its proximity to Bhutan and Tibet has resulted in significant Tibeto-Burman influences.

Nepali has grammatical gender, like many Indo-Aryan languages, but it only marks feminine nouns. Unlike English’s prepositions, Nepali uses postpositions after the noun to indicate locational relationships. Pronouns are divided not only by person but also by three main levels of formality and proximity, forcing speakers to consider a number of factors before choosing a pronoun. Nepali verbs are also highly inflected, conjugating for person, number, gender, and status as well as tense, mood, and aspect. The language is written in the Devanagari script, also used for Sanskrit, which uses consonants as the primary letters and indicates vowels through diacritic markings. Our Nepali translators are familiar with all these tricky aspects of Nepali and more, allowing them to produce high-quality Nepali translations for almost any document.

Here Are a Few Examples of What We Can Translate to or from Nepali:

  • Academic papers: Whether you’re a professor, researcher, student, or any other type of scholar, you can rely on our Nepali translators to help you with your Nepali translation needs. If you’d like to translate your Nepali-language paper to English to distribute to global peers, we can help, regardless of the field. And if you’d like to translate your English-language questionnaire into Nepali for research purposes, we can help with that, too.
  • Business materials: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Nepali business that wants to attract foreign customers or an international company aiming to take a slice of the Nepali market—our Nepali translators can help in either case. From business plans to employment contracts, and from product descriptions to press releases, our business Nepali translators will help equip your business with top-level localized content.
  • Web content: The Nepali Internet penetration rate is climbing, with more and more Nepalis coming online every year. Though Nepali has a lot of speakers, web content in Nepali is scarce, leaving Nepalis with few websites, blogs, programs, apps, and games in their language. If you want to stand out, Nepali translation is a great idea—and we can help you achieve it.

We’ve served top businesses in Kathmandu, researchers in Pokhara, authors in Lalitpur, and individuals in Bharatpur. Our services are available to people around the world, with 24/7 availability to cater to any time zone. If you have a deadline, you don’t have to worry—our wide range of turnaround options are designed to fit everyone’s schedule, and we always guarantee on-time delivery. Quality is our promise, and we deliver.

Let’s get started today with Nepali translation. Contact us now with any questions or to see a free quote.

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