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Burmese is an overlooked language on the world stage—it may not receive the attention of European languages or even other Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, but it’s still an important Southeast Asian language with more than 32 million speakers. It is the official language of Myanmar, where the economy has been growing steadily over the years, and any business that wants to target a Burmese audience would do well to purchase professional Burmese translation services. At the same time, Burmese speakers looking outward should invest in the services of a professional translation agency to put their Burmese content in English and spread it to the world. Here at, we can do both.

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Hire Professionals for Your Burmese Translation Needs

Burmese and English are hardly alike. As a Sino-Tibetan language, Burmese shares more in common with Chinese than with English, and its subject-object-verb word order can be difficult for English speakers to get used to. The language exhibits a rigorous politeness system that differentiates pronouns based on formality and gender, and it does not have conventional adjectives as English speakers know them—rather, it uses verbs, which can modify nouns in conjunction with an adjective particle. Burmese is also one of a handful of prominent Asian languages that often forgoes pronouns in favor of names.

All these differences mean Burmese translation to and from English is no easy feat. For high-quality Burmese translations, seasoned translation experts are required—and that’s exactly what you’ll find with us at Our translators have been working in Burmese translation for years, and we know exactly how to make the best of your Burmese translation project.

Examples of Documents We Translate to and from Burmese

  • Business content. Whether it’s financial materials, promotional documents, or legal papers, our Burmese business translators can craft a high-quality, natural-sounding translation with ease. We’re proud to help foreign companies establish a presence in Myanmar as well as Burmese businesses set up branches in foreign countries.
  • Academic texts. From journal articles to dissertations to research questionnaires and more, we’re delighted to help academics with their Burmese translation needs. Our scope covers both Burmese scholars who wish to publish their academic work internationally and foreign academics hoping to conduct research in Myanmar or make their work more accessible to the Burmese people.
  • Legal documents. We’ve partnered with a legal translation company, which allows us to provide high-quality translations to and from Burmese for a range of legal documents. Whether you need a contract, will, real estate deed, or any other legal content translated, trust our partner’s Burmese translation experts.
  • Medical documents. Our partnership with a top-level medical translation company allows us to offer medical translation services for the Burmese language. Whether it’s a medical history, facility brochure, discharge summary, or any other medical document, our partners can provide top-quality Burmese translation services.
  • Digital content. With the internet growing more and more each year, it’s crucial to make your online content accessible to your audience in Myanmar or around the world. We’re proud to translate websites, e-learning materials, applications, games, and more into—and from—Burmese.

Our Burmese translation services are available to anyone in Yangon, Bago, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, and anywhere else in the world. Our expertise in Burmese translation has made us the go-to translation service of thousands of clients, and we’d be delighted to help you reach your intended audience as well. Whether you’re a business, an academic, a writer, or anyone else, we can tailor our translation services to fit your needs—and we’ll always deliver your translation on time.

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