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Switzerland has built up a strong reputation, and for good reason—situated at the heart of the Alps, the European nation boasts one of the highest per-capita GDPs and human development index ratings in the world. Swiss products are famous for their prestige and quality, as are the mountainous nation’s banking institutes. As a tax haven, Switzerland attracts businesses from around the world, which find a wealthy customer base in Switzerland.

Switzerland is a highly multilingual country, with German, French, Italian, and Romansh all considered official or national languages. However, more than 60% of the country speaks German. So, if you’re looking to set up operations in Switzerland, German is arguably the most important language to target. Swiss German is quite distinct from Standard German, but fortunately, we at have a team of dedicated Swiss German translators ready to work for you.

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Swiss German Is Its Own Distinct Language

If you thought Swiss German was the same as Standard German, you’re in for a surprise. The two dialects are so different that they are mutually unintelligible and can be considered separate languages. When movies or TV programs from Switzerland are aired in Germany, they are subtitled, because Germans generally can’t understand Swiss German, unless they speak an Alemannic dialect. Swiss German is derived from the Alemannic German dialects of southwestern Germany, which, again, are largely incomprehensible to German speakers of other dialects.

As the world becomes more international, Swiss German has integrated more words from Standard German, but in many cases, it retains its unique vocabulary. Its proximity to French and Italian has also resulted in adopted Romance terms, such as the phrase merci vielmal, meaning “thank you very much,” from French merci and Standard German vielmal. Swiss German also uses its own grammar, forgoing Standard German’s genitive case. Additionally, Swiss German only uses a single relative particle and a pronominal reference to the antecedent within a relative clause, whereas Standard German uses many relative pronouns based on gender and case and no pronominal reference. Differences like these make it impossible for Standard German speakers to translate Swiss German—it is truly a separate language. That’s why you need to rely on specialized Swiss German translators, like the ones on our team.

Swiss German Translations for Any Occasion

  • Company documents. Ready to get your business set up in Switzerland? It’s a wise move—but you’ll need to localize your content to cater to the Swiss market. Don’t translate into Standard German—invest in Switzerland by translating specifically into Swiss German for your advertisements, web copy, product descriptions, and more. Our Swiss German translators also stand ready to help Swiss companies transform their content into flowing English to take their Swiss-quality products and services worldwide.
  • Academic collateral. Switzerland is dotted with prestigious universities, and their students, professors, and researchers make groundbreaking discoveries every year. Our academic Swiss German translators want to help Swiss academics share their findings with the wider world, no matter the field. That’s why we stand ready to translate theses, research papers, case studies, and more from Swiss German to English. Of course, we’re also here for foreign academics looking to connect deeper with Swiss German colleagues via Swiss German translation.
  • Stories. Stories can come in many forms: novels, plays, poems, videos, movies, games, and more. Our Swiss German translators appreciate art in all forms and want to help creators spread their works around the world. If you’re a Swiss German speaker, we can help you tell your story to people all over the world. If your content is English, we can help you carve out a new market—and gain new fans—in Switzerland with Swiss German literary translation.

From Zürich to Bern to Basel, our Swiss German translators can help you translate to or from Switzerland’s most widely spoken language. We work with companies, professionals, novelists, researchers, and people from various other backgrounds to craft the Swiss German translations they need—regardless of their deadline.

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