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Switzerland is famous for its multilingual population. The mountainous, landlocked country is praised for speaking German, French, and Italian simultaneously—but one important Swiss language is often overlooked. It’s Romansh, a Romance language native to Switzerland and the country’s fourth official language. The majority of its speakers live in the canton of Grisons in southeastern Switzerland, surrounded by German and Italian speakers elsewhere in the canton.

Switzerland’s booming economy and high quality of life are no secret: it boasts one of the largest per-capita GDPs in the world and runs a respected financial industry. Its reputation as a tax haven makes it a hot destination for companies around the world, who set up in the country to take advantage of low taxes and the wealthy population. To best cater to the Swiss population, it’s advised to translate into all four official languages, including Romansh, and reap the benefits of Swiss expansion. We at provide translation services for German, French, Italian, and, of course, Romansh.

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Our Translators Overcome the Hurdles of Romansh Translation

Romansh speakers are spread across numerous dialects, the most widely spoken of which is Sursilvan. Some dialects may diverge considerably, but all are mutually intelligible. As a Romance language, Romansh divides nouns into masculine and feminine genders, with masculine adjectives and plural forms sometimes irregular. Unlike other Romance languages, Romansh also features a “collective plural” form different from the regular plural that refers to a mass of something. Word order is typically subject-verb-object, although the verb may precede the subject in certain instances, likely due to influence from nearby German.

Thanks to its unique geography and history, Romansh has sustained influence from certain languages that many other Romance languages have not. Some of its words come from Raetic and the other Celtic language spoken in modern-day Grisons before the Romans invaded, while other Romansh vocabulary includes well-preserved Latin words that most other Romance languages have lost. Romansh’s close contact with German has also resulted in a number of German loanwords.

Though Romansh translation poses many challenges, our Romansh translators are seasoned experts who know precisely how to navigate these obstacles. We’re familiar with all major dialects of Romansh and can help clients determine which dialect works best for their purposes.

Romansh Translation in All Domains

Are you a business, academic, author, or someone else? No matter why you need Romansh translation services, our team is here to help, in the following domains and more:

  • Corporate translation. Want to take advantage of Switzerland’s booming economy, lenient tax laws, and wealthy population? Make sure to translate your business materials appropriately for the locals. Romansh speakers are passionate about their culture and heritage, and translating your product descriptions, advertisements, and more into Romansh shows you care. Romansh companies can also use our translation services to translate their corporate materials directly from Romansh to English for maximally accurate translations.
  • Literary translation. The Romansh-speaking world has produced its fair share of literary geniuses, and our translators want to help them break onto the international literary scene. If you’ve written a Romansh book, poem, or short story and want to translate it into English, trust our Romansh translators to capture all the nuances expertly. The same goes for foreign authors targeting the well-read Romansh population, a niche worth exploring.
  • Digital translation. Romansh-language material is hard to find online or in the digital sphere, whether it’s e-commerce websites, informational blogs, mobile apps, or video games. Romansh speakers want to use their native language on the web, and that’s where we come in. If you want to tap into a new, digital niche with almost no competitors, we can help you translate your digital content into Romansh.

Are you in Chur, Tavau (Davos), Trimmis, Samedan, or somewhere else? Your location doesn’t matter—our top-quality Romansh translations are available to everyone! From businesspeople to researchers to poets, you can trust our Romansh translators to transmit material carefully and faithfully between English and Romansh—with on-time delivery always guaranteed.

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