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The Philippines, a gem of Southeast Asia, is an increasingly developing nation whose GDP has been growing rapidly throughout the 21st century. As the Philippines develops its economy, improves its people’s quality of life, and propels itself onto the international stage, more and more international companies will turn their gaze toward the archipelagic country. In fact, the Philippines is projected to be one of the “next eleven” countries to develop a major global economy in the 21st century—so businesses would be wise to get a piece of the market early.

At, we work with businesses, academics, writers, and others to translate seamlessly between Tagalog, the biggest native language in the Philippines, and English. Though English is widely used in the Philippines, if you’re looking to truly connect with a Filipino audience, translating into Tagalog is a wise investment. Simultaneously, if you’re a Filipino company targeting overseas expansion, trust a professional Tagalog translator for natural-sounding translations into Standard English.

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Navigating the Challenges of Tagalog Translation

When English speakers hear that Tagalog has no gender and doesn’t decline verbs for person, they may believe Tagalog is a grammatically simple language. But they’re wrong—Tagalog is remarkably complicated and difficult for English speakers to learn. Like many Austronesian languages, including Hawaiian and Māori, Tagalog verbs come at the beginning of the sentence, although Tagalog’s case particles allow for flexible positioning of the subject, object, and any complements. Tagalog follows its own unique structure, not aligning with the nominative–accusative structure of most European languages nor the ergative structure common to indigenous Australian languages.

What characterizes Tagalog is the focus system, where prefixes, suffixes, infixes, and circumfixes are attached to verbs to put focus on a given aspect of the sentence, such as the actor, patient, or an oblique complement. These focus affixes are split up across different categories of actor and patient focus as well as verbal aspect. Tagalog also features unique grammatical moods, including the social and distributive moods. All the complications of Tagalog make clear the need for professional translators—and our Tagalog translation team, filled with highly experienced translation experts, is the solution.

Tagalog Translations to Suit Everyone’s Needs

Take advantage of our Tagalog translation services for the following and more:

  • Business translation. With the Philippines becoming an increasingly attractive destination for international business expansion, more and more companies are taking operations to Filipino shores. Our Tagalog translators can help you connect with the more than 65 million Tagalog speakers to cultivate a strong local presence. Filipino companies can also trust us to translate their business documents expertly into natural-sounding English.
  • Academic translation. Unfortunately, academic discoveries in Tagalog can’t travel far in academic spheres without being translated into English, the global lingua franca. Our academic Tagalog translators are passionate about helping Tagalog scholars share their knowledge with the world and publishing their theses and papers in international journals. We also work with foreign researchers looking to connect with local Tagalog speakers to disseminate surveys.
  • Literary translation. With Manila, the cultural heartland of the Tagalog people, being the capital city of the Philippines, Tagalog enjoys a rich history of literature and art that continues to this day. Our literary Tagalog translators love transforming Tagalog-language literature into flowing English to capture the hearts of an international readership. We also love rendering English-language stories into Tagalog to share with the people of the Philippines.

Our Tagalog team is eager to serve you in Manila, Caloocan, Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, or anywhere else, whether in or out of the Philippines. We’re available any time of the day, and we work on your schedule—so whatever deadline you choose, we’ll work hard to deliver your Tagalog translation on time.

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