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Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, boasts more than 70 million speakers across the Philippines’ 7,000+ islands and another 30 million abroad, making it a major world language. It serves as a lingua franca for a nation of extreme ethnic and linguistic diversity with more than 100 million inhabitants. The Philippines has steadily been increasing its position on the global stage, with its economy growing continuously over the years and its educational offerings expanding more and more.

This economically budding nation, which has been identified as one of the “Next Eleven” countries poised to become major world economies in the 21st century, is a wise market for any business or organization to tap into, and translation into Filipino will serve such expansion well. On the flip side, as the Filipino economy grows, more Filipino companies will extend their markets outward, and high-quality translation into English is necessary to capture the attention of a global audience. At, we have years of experience translating to and from Filipino for a variety of translation needs, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident our Filipino translation team can serve you.

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The Difficulties of Translating Filipino Can’t Trip Us Up

Filipino is the third-most widely spoken Austronesian language in the world, with only Malay (Indonesian and Malaysian) and Javanese boasting more speakers. Officially, it’s considered the standardized version of Tagalog and is therefore mutually intelligible with that language. Like most Austronesian languages, Filipino tends to start sentences with the verb, although an English-style subject-verb-object word order can also be acceptable. The Filipino “trigger system” is perhaps the most complicated aspect of the language, wherein voice, focus, and semantic relations are expressed through a variety of prefixes, suffixes, infixes, and even circumfixes on the verb.

Filipino’s complicated grammar makes it hard to learn and even harder to translate—but it’s no challenge for our Filipino translation experts. With years of experience, we promise to deliver high-quality translations to or from Filipino for business, academia, creative works, and more.

A Small Sample of Our Filipino Translation Services

  • Legal translation: Need a contract translated into Filipino or an agreement translated from Filipino? We have you covered for all your legal Filipino translation needs—by partnering with a top-rated legal translation firm, we can offer Filipino translation services for any number of legal documents.
  • Business translation: Whether you’re breaking into a new market in the Philippines or expanding out into the broader world, our Filipino translation team can help you break down the language barriers. For Filipino translations of marketing materials, internal business documents, corporate website content, and more, come to us.
  • Academic translation: Studying or researching at a prestigious Filipino university and looking to publish your work internationally? We can translate your journal article, thesis, book, or anything else into English. Alternatively, if you’re a researcher with a survey to disseminate to Filipinos or are catering your academic work to a Filipino audience, our Filipino translation team will craft high-quality Filipino translations of your works.

Whether you’re a company that wants to tap into the rapidly expanding market of the Philippines, a Filipino researcher eager to share groundbreaking discoveries with international academia, an author who wants to tell their story to the people of the Philippines, or a Filipino national in need of official translations for immigration purposes, the Filipino translation team at stands ready to help. We take pride in the quality of our Filipino translations and are dedicated to delivering your translation by your specified deadline, every time.

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