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Did you know Java is the world’s most densely populated island? Home to Jakarta and other major cities, Java makes up more than 50% of the population of Indonesia. With more than 98 million native speakers, Javanese is the native language of 42% of Indonesia, a country with more than 700 languages.

Indonesia, one of the world’s most populous countries, boasts a rapidly expanding economy. Indonesia has been identified as one of the “Next Eleven” countries likely to develop a major global economy in the 21st century, and as the heart of Indonesia, Java will likely be at the forefront of that development. If you want to take your message to the island of Java—whether you’re a business, academic, creative, or anyone else—professional Javanese translation services are necessary. The same is true in the reverse—if you’re a Javanese-speaking business, scholar, author, or anyone else, top-quality Javanese-to-English translation services are paramount if you want to spread your message abroad. Here at, we boast a team of seasoned Javanese translation experts, so we can help you with either endeavor.

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Our Javanese Translation Experts Are Seasoned Professionals

Javanese, which is not to be confused with Japanese, is an Austronesian language native to the island of Java in Indonesia. As a Malayo-Polynesian language, it shares similarities to Malay (or Indonesian, a standardized version of Malay), Tagalog, and Hawaiian. Javanese is an agglutinative language, employing extensive use of affixes to build words and sentences, and it does not express tense grammatically. Its topic–comment structure, which overrides the grammatical subject-based structure English speakers are used to, further complicates Javanese grammar.

Javanese speakers also use entirely different registers depending on the formality of a situation or who they are speaking to, and considering these registers is key to crafting a high-quality Javanese translation. Our Javanese translation professionals leverage their years of experience to expertly capture subtle nuances in their Javanese translations. We can also render our Javanese translation services regardless of the script used to write Javanese—we can work with the native Javanese script, the Latin script, and the Pegon script.

Our Javanese Translation Services Are Wide-Reaching

  • Business. With Indonesia’s economy growing, now’s a great time to break into the Javanese-speaking market—but Javanese translations are necessary for your product labels, business plan, promotional material, and more. At the same time, companies in Java looking to make a name for themselves outside Indonesia need English to capture a share of the global market. You can rely on our business Javanese translators for both goals.
  • Academia. Are you a student or professor at Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Mercu Buana, or Institut Teknologi Bandung? Let our academic Javanese translators help you translate your Javanese thesis or research paper for publication abroad. We can also help international scholars publish their work in Javanese-language journals or prepare survey materials in Javanese.
  • Art. Whether it’s a novel, film, poem, or game, we believe art deserves to be shared. That’s why we’re passionate about translating Javanese works for the rest of the world to enjoy. We also translate international prose and other creative content into flowing Javanese to entertain the people of Java.
  • Online. The Internet is becoming increasingly important in Java, with more and more people connecting each year. However, Javanese speakers are often forced to browse the web in English or Indonesian, given the lack of Javanese-language content. Here’s where you can stand out—translate your website, software program, mobile app, or game into Javanese.

Our Javanese translators are on standby to help you translate your materials, no matter what they are. Technical terms and jargon? Beautiful prose? Slang? We can handle it all. We’re proud to serve the people of Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and elsewhere in Java and the world. Our Javanese translators are available 24/7 with flexible deadlines—so what are you waiting for?

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